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Motorcycle Reviews in the Raleigh Area

  • ChristopherreviewedTeam Powersports

    Chris Gluchacki Chris Gluchacki 4 reviews·3 photos an hour agoNEW ... read more Chris Gluchacki Chris Gluchacki 4 reviews·3 photos an hour agoNEW My wife purchased me a 21Renegade1000 for Christmas & she purchased a service plan which they call premier customer for like an extra 3 or 4 thousand dollars. They are suppose to come pick it up service it for 6 times or 3yrs and no waiting. I was scheduling it & was told they couldn't get me in for atleast 3 weeks which is no different than what it took to get my daughter's in for service which is a whole other story. So I scheduled it & 10 days before I get a call that they're trying to pick it up & I asked him if he was mistaken because I am 10 minutes away & you want it for 10 days before it's to be even touched & what another 10 days before I get it back he said it was the only chance he had to get it. I told him he I wasn't going to be without it for all that time for an oil change & to be looked over for it's first service. Days went by & I didn't hear back so I called and was informed because they couldn't pick it up then that it was rescheduled for a 1 1/2 weeks later & no one even called to inform me. Now my wife paid all this extra money to keep me from doing it myself because I am disabled in the long run she was taken because I am getting the same service as someone that didn't buy this plan and punished by going long periods of time without it because they are picking it up 10 minutes away. Now for my daughter's 16 Polaris 450 which I have maintained since new has started having a clicking in the rear end. I called them back in June trying to get it looked at & was asked if I bought it from them & informed them I bought it new elsewhere, they told me they aren't servicing anything that wasn't bought from them. I went there about a month later to get something & explained the conversation to one of the people at the parts counter & they couldn't believe it. They brought me back to service and explained it & I was told that those people were no longer employed their. I scheduled it for 2 weeks which is exactly the same mine took to get in & my wife payed all that extra to be a priority customer. Anyway I bring it in & a couple of days later am called and told it's my rear wheel bearings & my front ones could use it as well. I asked what the cost was & it was just over $700 for the rear & just over $1,200 for all 4. I told him seeing they already have the rear torn apart & that's where the noise was coming from then do them and I'd handle the front seeing they weren't making any noise. Over a week later I get a call telling me the front end is done. Safe to say I about lost it & told him he must be joking it was suppose to be the rears. He said he'd have to look into it & call me back. The next day he called & told me they messed up & did the front by mistake so if I was good with it they would do the rear & only charge me for the parts which I felt was only like $50 more & I didn't have to do it. A couple of days later I was told to come get it & did which was a Friday. We didn't have a chance to ride until late Saturday & not even 5 minutes into the ride my daughter said it was doing it again & I got beside her and sure enough. I wanted to loose it after almost $750 & a couple of weeks nothing got fixed that needed to be. I had to wait until they opened on Tuesday which was probably a good thing. After I told him it is still making the same noise & am highly aggravated after paying that kind of money he told me to bring it back. I brought it & a couple of days later was called & told the wheel bearings they put in were fine that it must be in the rear end which I told him from the first time I made the appointment & when I dropped it off but they insisted it was wheel bearings. He told me that it was going to be really extensive & expensive to tear into it & now after spending almost $750 I sure can't afford what they're going to charge which I'm sure is going to include they're last screw up so now the rear end is clinking & rattling every time my daughter rides it until it finally breaks so we'll know once & for all what it is instead of guessing. So BEWARE sales & service both got me!!!

  • MichaelreviewedTwin Specialties Inc

    Don’t bother with this place. The owner will lie when the truth will d... read more Don’t bother with this place. The owner will lie when the truth will do. I was sold an 1100 that had a blown motor. Obviously if their shop can’t recognize a #2 cylinder that has essentially no compression then that would put them into what I would define as a shop that can change your lightbulbs and change a tire... I don’t recommend them ... if you want your bike worked on... try anyplace but Twin Specialties... nothing worse than dishonorable business owner who values the almighty dollar over being honest to customers...

  • NicolasreviewedElite Cycles

    Number out of service-no longer a business now a residence.

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