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Auto Reviews in the Williston Area

  • DebrareviewedRyan Motors

    Unfortunately we had to take our daughters 2013 Ram 1500 to this Ram D... read more Unfortunately we had to take our daughters 2013 Ram 1500 to this Ram Dealership to fix an issue with the engine. We left the truck, which was not running well, with the hopes they could fix the problem. We were contacted at 5:30pm (after hours) with "the technician could not duplicate the problem...maybe tomorrow" I had already had a lengthy conversation with the service guy....we were in a dilemma because we needed to drive back to Oregon...we needed the vehicle to be repaired so we could leave. He assured me they would take care of it. Well we found out they put a diesel mechanic to work on her V6 Gas Engine and since the engine light was not on....they charged us $$$ to hook it up to their computer,,,with no problem found. We wasted an entire day of frustration to only be charged for "Can not duplicate the problem" The instant my daughter turned the truck on it demonstrated the "PROBLEM" she grabbed the service guy and showed him the problem....he acknowledge that the truck was not running right....bring it back on Friday and they would look at it again! She wrote a lengthy email to the Service Department "Manager" and NEVER received any answer. The GOOD news out of this ridiculous ordeal we ended up taking her truck to Sidney Montana and they REPAIRED her truck! They also were amazing with their customer service and treatment of us. NOTE: If I could I would rate Ryan Motors a (-) number I would.

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