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  • In Summary, On 12/2 I financed a car with $6500 down cash from dealers... read more In Summary, On 12/2 I financed a car with $6500 down cash from dealership. Upon purchasing noticed some issues which Dealership promised to fix. On 12/3 I picked up car and car was clear of 1/3 issues and made more promises regarding the other issues. On 12/22 car starting over heating with engine problems and dealership was contacted then next day. I advised of issue and was told to bring in car for repair after several complaints to the dealership staff. They kept the car for about 3 days. Returned car clear of issue. The following week the car started to have the same initial issue I was told that was completely fixed in addition to electrical issues when raining causing safety concerns. I could not pass inspection on the vehicle so I took it to an authorized proguard warranty shop who had the equipment to hook up the car and I didn't pass because it was deemed 14 out of the 28 diagnostic tests had multiple faults including airbag issues not deploying. The dealership was contacted once more and had the car a total of 9+ days. I kept getting multiple excuses and run around answers from anrepresentative at the dealership. I was eventually told to come pick up the car only to find out nothing was really fixed because the dealership never could fix the car because they did not have the proper equipment even if the are an authorized service repair shop of the after market warranty they sold me. Come to find out the warranty insurance they sold me was never contacted and made of any claims as they said they would be able to get this covered. You would at least think that you have a customer who just spent all this money and we want future business we should do what they can to get the car fixed by working with the warranty company they sold me. Additionally there were registration and title issues from the car they sold me delaying me from receiving plates. I received them 10 days after my temp tag expires. You pay a car note for a car you can't drive and yet no relief from the dealership. I feel this dealership misrespresented the sale of this car and it still can not pass inspection because of the safety and airbag concerns. I feel they have an unqualified mechanic okaying safety on vehicles when they apparently don't have the proper equipment to test vehicles diagnostically as I was told with my situation. I know I was taken advantage of and forced to sign papers with verbal promises. I am not sure of my options from others experience but any help is greatly appreciated. I feel this dealership can't be able to get away with this even though they make us sign paperwork they know customers don't fully understand. No one in their right mind would put $6500 CASH of their hard earned money down on an 18K Vehicle (that price got changed too as I see from other goggle reviews) that would give them so many issues within 30 days. You would think the dealership would care and have customer service. Forget about it.... I'm already seeking legal counsel and have filed complaints with BBB , AG office, and consumer protection. ****BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS PLACE. IT'S NOT WORTH IT YOUR TIME NOR MONEY. CONSUMERS HAVE TO PROTECT EACH OTHER FROM ESTABLISHMENTS THAT PRACTICE LIKE THIS SINCE THEY WILL NOT. SHADY DEALERSHIP!

  • ShannonreviewedJA Autowerks LLC

    JA Autowerks is always my top choice for my Audi repair. I always tru... read more JA Autowerks is always my top choice for my Audi repair. I always trust the advice I am given about my A4 repair and maintenance from John and his team. -Shannon Furey

  • MattreviewedJA Autowerks LLC

    Too many reasons to take an Audi or VW to JA Autowerks that can be wri... read more Too many reasons to take an Audi or VW to JA Autowerks that can be written in one small blurb. My main reason is honesty. I've NEVER met a technician/engineer who actually TOLD ME THE TRUTH. You get that at JA. You get a small town garage, old school feel, on a first name basis, with the most advanced, up to date equipment and high tech savvy engineers to maintain your vehicle. I don't want to be 'just a number' to a big dealership who sees dollar signs when I drive in. With JA over the years I have used his expertise, I haven't been steered wrong once and if a part failed, that they installed, it was replaced, immediately, at no cost. Of course that's what I expect from someone who maintains my high performance vehicle. I wouldn't think of taking my baby anywhere else.

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