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Dealership Reviews in the Salem Area

  • KimreviewedClassic RV

    Classic RV made promises to fix very easy things before we had it towe... read more Classic RV made promises to fix very easy things before we had it towed down the shore and once we made our purchase, nothing was honored. Broken closet lock on sliding door; cleaning and detail; sewer line did not fit; less than half tank of propane; rude customer service when making an innocent call to remedy anything at all. The owner and his son acknowledged their mistakes, including a free tow that we paid $300 for to the Jersey Shore, but did not offer any assistance. We spent over $17,000 on a fifth wheel and we were treated with poor customer service and broken promises, even after owner admitted to wrongdoing. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BUSINESS!!!!!!

  • JohnreviewedClassic RV

    Dropped my Motorhome off on Sat. 7-7-2012 for roof repair. A gaping ho... read more Dropped my Motorhome off on Sat. 7-7-2012 for roof repair. A gaping hole actually where a tree branch breached the roof during a storm. Owner (Jim) was VERY ENTHAUSIASTIC when we dropped it off. We felt relieved that he would do a Good Job. Next visit to Classic RV (for unrelated matters), Jim seemed like a completely different guy. No enthusiasm this time. He sat at his desk like he wasn't even there. OK, so maybe he was having a bad day. It happens. Waited a few more weeks (1 month had gone by total) and repaid a visit to see how it was going. Not well, I'd say. Older guy on roof of M/H told me it was his 1st day on job @ Classic RV. Also 1st time any work was done on unit. OK, it's not rocket science taking off shrouds, mouldings etc. I was assured by another shop guy Mr. First Day would not be doing any too technical stuff. Meanwhile, Jim is one hard guy to get on the phone most of the time, but he'll (usually) return your call. Returned yet a month later (today 9-6-12) to find yet a different 1st Day Guy again up on M/H roof. I should add that nobody was working on it when I first arrived, but shortly after I showed up, low and behold, new Mr. First Day Guy up there now. Again, No Jim anywhere. Keeping/Finding help must be a problem. Don't get me wrong, work that has been done seems first rate. Just seems to be taking WAY TO LONG! Also, let me state, shop conditions there are deplorable. The bay my M/H has been sitting in is dark (lighting poor at best) Also, there is Junk piled on more Junk. Hardly a work area condusive to fine craftsmanship. I've worked in shops, but NEVER one as UNORGANIZED/JUNKY as this. This is a poor showing of any management by Jim, the owner and suposed shop worker. At this point, I'm hoping for the best. This is an $11K insurance job. We'll update this post as progress(?) moves s-l-o-w-l-y along.

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