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Boat Reviews in the Upper Freehold Area

  • EdreviewedBaywood Marina

    We are sorry Steve Harrison was unhappy with Baywood Marina for findin... read more We are sorry Steve Harrison was unhappy with Baywood Marina for finding a buyer for his boat. Steve signed a brokerage agreement with us in December. Shortly after we presented him an offer for $100,000 which he refused as the amount he would receive would be $90,000 after the brokerage fee. The potential buyer found some items he wanted repaired after a sea trial. The boat had already been removed from the water for the winter and all systems winterized. The sea trial necessitated launching the boat and commissioning the engines and generator, which would have to be rewinterized and the boat rehauled and blocked for the winter. Neither the buyer nor the seller wanted to pay for same or for the repairs the buyer desired. Don Mueller, our sales manager, negotiated a new sale price of $103,000 and had Steve Harrison sign a letter of acceptance for $92,700. This figure represents $103,000 less the industry standard brokerage fee of 10% to which Steve Harrison agreed to when signing our brokerage agreement. Unfortunately Steve Harrison met the buyer after the sea trial and before the sales agreement was completed. He asked the buyer how much he was paying for the boat. When he found out the buyer was paying $103,000 he became agitated as he thought we were selling the boat for $100,000 and absorbing the extra expenses out of our brokerage fee. He then threatened to sue us for fraud and proceeded to sell the boat directly to the buyer, eliminating us from the sale and violating the brokerage agreement he signed. After threats, both parties consulted with their attorney’s and decided to sign documents releasing both parties from any future legal actions.

  • StevereviewedBaywood Marina

    I am filing a consumer fraud case against Baywood Marina and Ed Ha... read more I am filing a consumer fraud case against Baywood Marina and Ed Harrison as they were acting as a duel agent in the sale of my boat. Just by chance, I happend to run into the perspective buyer during sea trial. I came to find out that Baywood was selling my boat for over $3,000 more than they had listed on my contract! We are in the process of taking legal action. If there is anyone that has any information or experience with Baywood along these lines, please contact me at . We are going after them so they can NEVER do this to anyone else again!!!

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