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  • So I will start off by saying i went in on Thursday to check out the p... read more So I will start off by saying i went in on Thursday to check out the place and i was greeted by the owner Mike who seemed nice and he started to sell me on his product " Compustar " over the Viper brand. I liked what i heard despite the fact he would answer personal calls in front of me and jump between things as we would talk, but despite that i scheduled a 9 am appointment the following day on Friday. I show up exactly at 9 am and it takes about 30 min of talking to let him know how i wanted my car setup with an alarm. I have a collector's edition car that i didn't want any holes drilled or anything intrusive and we came to a solution and was guaranteed it would be complete to my satisfaction within 4-5 hours. I waited all day in the store and finally walked home around 12PM, I called to check progress and i was told 2PM at the latest. I called at 145 PM before I walked over and then it was 230PM at the Latest. Once i got there the "TECH" wasn't done an needed my approval on 1 whole to be drilled and I understood waiting for my approval and Im glad he did so. Once seeing how he worked and "treated " my collectors edition car i was angry but gave the benefit of the doubt. So after about 2 more hours of " almost done " I had no car and the door locks didn't work and neither did my trunk. The owner Mike blamed it on "wrong" wiring diagrams and the "tech" didn't know what he was doing and his "professional Tech" was off sick that day. So after hearing he knowlingly let his less experienced "tech" touch my car and seeing it took all day i was pissed. The tech was bleeding all over my white car and throwing lights,metal tools, and parts as well as his personal phone all over the leather and 15 year old plastic. I finally said "its 5PM is my car done?" It wasn't so I had my brother come pick me up for dinner till about 545 PM and I came back to it not being done and he's putting back together and driving it out. Mike the owner said he would take $100 off the $500+tax bill. He said " pay me $250 and well reschedule to finish up my car for an even $400." I was pissed they had my car all day it was beat up and bled on and i got it with the lights staying on, no locks at all, a fuse blown that wasnt fixed, and wire all over my floor. I refused to pay for a system that didn't work and for my car being mistreated. Mike continued to argue and blame it on his tech not being there and his " NAGGING WIFE calling him all day" and to CUT HIM SOME SLACK!. He proceeded to say" pay me 250 now and when you bring your car back ill rip it all out and refund you the rest" and he wanted to keep my car. I said NO I'm taking my car and not paying your anything. Mike got angry and said FINE DONT PAY and walked outside and told his tech to GIVE HIM THE KEYS and then threw my keys at me and said " HERE!" and walked inside and shut the door on us. Once i realized my lights wouldnt turn off i walked up and knocked and he didn't say anything and i asked if his tech can tell me what he did to keep them on so my battery didn't die, he said " walk down and ask the tech myself" and shut the door. Once the tech asked if i did it myself he pulled the glove box down and ripped out wires by hand and said its all good. once i got home they stayed on and i had to pull my own fuses to keep them off. So i have no locks or alarm on my car its dirty with fingerprints and scratches and my leather is messed up. They used no seat covers or fender wrap or any protection. DONT EVER GO HERE!! ITS A JOKE AND A SCAM!!! THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR CAR!! OR TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!!

  • I have to hand it to Chuy Martinez over at AE on Corrales Road. He hel... read more I have to hand it to Chuy Martinez over at AE on Corrales Road. He helped this damsel in distress with honesty, a great willingness to fix a problem, making accommodation for me on a busy day and for not gouging me on the cost. I had a mechanic install my new deck and speakers and I wound up with some issues. Chuy diligently dug into my car dash eagerly, deftly and intelligently to get the diagnostic done- for free! Once the problem was ID'ed, he double checked the whole system and set his technician, Jo-Jo, to the task. With a brilliant usage of time management, my stereo was up and running in no time at all, wired safely and correctly, and a full report of what had gone wrong was explained to me. The honest diagnosis revealed a lot about my mechanic, and I am now making an informed business decision on said mechanic's future employment based on that information. I am grateful for that. The bill at the end of the whole ordeal was laughably small. I was expecting to be raked over coals. My complements to the fellas all around! I was a little dubious about going to AE, but found it very satisfying. When I need more speakers installed, and maybe tint, I will give Chuy a call once again.

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