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Auto Reviews in the Randolph Area

  • I wish I could give this business ZERO stars, but I had to choose an o... read more I wish I could give this business ZERO stars, but I had to choose an option. I went to TA auto to have a simple tie rod repair on the front end of my car. It was communicated that it would be okay if I brought my own parts, so I did. All day, my car was in the shop with no update from the owner. At the end of the day, I get a call from him stating that he had made a number of UNAUTHORIZED repairs without my knowledge or consent, and then tried billing me for them. Although I was anticipating about 75 dollars in labor, he was quoting me at 200 for everything, including parts I did not need and "new" tires on the front. I told him to speak to my father, since they knew each other and we arranged to pick up my car the next day. The following day, I picked up my car and my dad paid the bill, although I don't think he should have because I did not authorize any of the additional "repairs" made. A couple days later, I was driving and noticed my car pulling to the left. I pulled over and noticed that the driver's side tire was COMPLETELY FLAT, to the point where the rims were touching the ground. I immediately called my father and explained the issue, reminding him that the owner of TA auto had just put "new" tires on my car. My dad made some phone calls, one of them to the owner himself, and was informed that he had taken my tires off and put on his girlfriend's old tires. I was charged for "brand new" tires, not to mention labor, for old tires with a leak in them from his girlfriend's car. If the owner knew fully well that these tires were unfit for his girlfriend, why would he put them on a client's car? He not only endangered my life, but STOLE my perfectly good tires and then charged me for it! The owner of this establishment is a sly, shifty CROOK and I urge everyone to avoid this business like the plague. Please inform anyone contemplating taking their car here to rethink their decision and take their business elsewhere. I for one am fuming from this incident and I demand justice.

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