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Truck Reviews in the West Hempstead Area

  • Lettie reviewedE2 Motorsports

    They successfully repaired my German made car (BMW) and were quick and... read more They successfully repaired my German made car (BMW) and were quick and courteous. I would recommend them to people who live in Long Island.

  • I was referred to Mid Island Collision by Audi Lynbrook to fix a small... read more I was referred to Mid Island Collision by Audi Lynbrook to fix a small dent that I sustained to the bottom of my Audi after accidentally driving over a sidewalk curb at 25mph. When I brought my vehicle to Geico for an estimate they quoted me price of $1900 and told me it can possible go up a little more with the supplemental quote from my repair shop which was Mid Island Collision. The supplemental quote from Mid Island Collision was $11,000 (5 times the original quote) for a total of $13750 to fix a very small dent under door and to paint the front bumper and replace the belly pan. I had serious reservations about this estimate and couldn’t believe my insurance company gave them the ok to charge that ridiculous amount. I even drove all the way down to Mid Island Collision to find out what they were charging me so much for. One of the workers told me all the work they were planning on doing (most of it completely unnecessary) with my car and temporarily sold me on keeping the car at Mid Island Collision. On my way home I taught about what the work said but didn’t see the value in them charging $13,750 to fix the frivolous damages to my car that was in excellent condition outside from the small dent under the car. On Monday January 19, 2015, after my visit to the shop on January 17, 2015 (repair wasn’t started when I was there and they are closed on Sunday), I called Mid Island Collision and spoke to a secretary telling her I wanted to pick up my car and go somewhere else for the repair. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes and then the manager Brian came on the phone and told me that they just started on my vehicle this morning. Although I didn’t believe that they started the car that day, I told Brian that I felt the price he was charging was unreasonable and that I expected my car to look Brand New when I receive it back. After having my car for 30days, I called Mid Island to find out what was taking so long. They communicated to me that the car would be ready within 48 hours. I was able to pick up the vehicle within the 48 hours on February 6th 2015. The Vehicle appeared to be in excellent condition (it was late at night so I could truly tell) until I took the car home and saw that the main damages where still not fixed. They used zip-ties to hold up the belly pan and there were still damages to the plastic lining under the car that they were supposed to fixes. I called Mid Island Collision the next day and told them about the incomplete job. They said that they were going to get back to me but never did. I called again during the week of February 9th and was promised that they were going to order the parts and give me a call when they parts came in but again they never got back to me. It is now March 20, 2015 and my car still isn’t complete. I am currently in the process of reporting them to all the relevant agency including Audi of America. Mid Island Collision is an Unscrupulous business and I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

  • I have used many shops over the years but now I will only go to Rice's... read more I have used many shops over the years but now I will only go to Rice's - they are always fair, they know what they are doing, and maybe most importantly: honest! Truly exceptional - definitely recommended!

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