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Truck Reviews in the Tulsa Area

  • They repainted my several show winning 2006 Scion xB. Had it for almos... read more They repainted my several show winning 2006 Scion xB. Had it for almost 8 months and did all the work in a few hours. This is according to two professional body shops who inspected the car later. Dented up my door jambs and rear hatch somehow, took all the OEM stickers off including the main VIN plate and all the Toyota part VIN plates and did not replace them. Can't sell the car now and I have no idea why they would remove them and not at least give them to me stuck to a piece of paper or toss them in the glove box or something. The car was a factory repaint so they didn't even float paint in the jambs so once again why pull the factory stickers? They did leave a nice paint edge on the doors with some over spray minus the clear and polish residue in all the door jambs. I rattled canned clear over the over sprayed color to better blend it. Used house wire to fix cut wires that had quick connects further down. Promised me all the interior pieces would be painted to match as I had them off and ready to paint in the car. When I saw he forgot half of them upon picking it up he charged me another $150.00 for 3 dash pieces the size of half dollars. They got over $13,000.00 to custom paint it by the way. Looks great but not 13k great, maybe 3k great. They filled in marker lights are popping from priming & painting before the filler could cure. Painted over damaged side skirts over filling them first even after I pointed them out when I dropped it off. Literally the only damage was scratches so this car needed next to nothing in prep & body work. Rushed work written all over it. Don't bother with this place. Explains why they don't have a facebook page or web site. They also worked on my Wife's Scion xB from a hit & run that happened the same weekend we went to pick up my show Scion. This is the regular everyday body shop side. They left a damaged lower core support in place over replacing it, and installed a junk used damaged headlight assembly from a salvage yard is my guess judging by all the yellow part number markings on it. The support was spotted at an alignment shop a year later That we quickly had replaced. This not being replaced greatly compromised the front end had she been in another collision. The headlight was internally busted so no matter how you adjusted it it would move around inside each time you hit a bump. I just purchased a new one and installed it myself over ever going back to them. Car was made to look good, and it did but the corners they cut to raise their profit were unacceptable. I know its a pain to go back to the insurance asking for more money when more damage has been discovered but I don't think this is the case. Even State Farm would pay to have a structural part like that be included.

  • SharoletereviewedTransa KOOL Truck Rfrgrtn

    They are very nice people and they do work hard at there customers vec... read more They are very nice people and they do work hard at there customers vechiles.

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