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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Aurora Area

  • DO NOT let the mechanics who work at this place touch your car. I neve... read more DO NOT let the mechanics who work at this place touch your car. I never write reviews but I feel like everyone needs to know this place employs literal scumbags. I had the starter replaced on my car a few weeks ago by their mechanic Matt. He came to where I worked, swapped it out, and I was satisfied. Well, next morning I go to drive to work and my car overheats while driving down I5. Turns out the hose that runs from the radiator to the engine snapped off the radiator which was directly above where you would need to work when swapping out the starter. Coincidence? Yeah I don't think so one bit, it was literally the MORNING AFTER they replaced the starter. I get it towed back and I call McFarlands. They say they wont have a mechanic available until Monday (starter was replaced Thursday afternoon, car overheated Friday morning). I say that's fine, I understand things happen. I also ask over the phone if they are going to reimburse me for my tow bill. The woman tells me only if the car overheating was a direct cause of something their mechanic did. That's fair obviously, however it was no coincidence that this issue happened less than 12 hours after their mechanic was working on my car, but okay. So they schedule the same mechanic, Matt, to come out to my house Monday and figure out what happened. Monday rolls around, he shows up and checks out my car. Like I said the hose had snapped off the radiator and therefore caused the engine to overheat. He tells me that and I think okay, well obviously this isn't some freak coincidence, you snapped off the hose while swapping my starter, accident or not. Since there's obviously no way I can prove it was his fault (not like I was recording him on camera the whole time he was fixing my car on Thursday) he tells me he can't fix it for free and I still have to pay the $125 fee for them to come out to my house. So basically if I wanted it to be fixed, I would have to buy a whole new radiator, reschedule him to come out and then have him fix it. So we're talking around $250+ NOT including the tow bill AND not including all the days of work I have to miss because of something this dude did lmao. This is where it gets even better! Matt tells me that he "feels bad for me" and that if I buy the radiator (still a $100 part that I should not have had to buy in the first place) that he will come sometime after work/on the weekend and put it in for me for free since it's really not a hard swap to do on my car. I think well this is the best I'm going to get out of the situation, and I say okay and get his number. I order the radiator and it comes a few days later and I call him. He picks up the phone and we agree that he can come over on Saturday and swap it out for me. Saturday rolls around and take a wild guess what happens? He doesn't show up. I call him, and since now he obviously knows my number from when I previously called him, he doesn't answer. I call him the next day. No answer. I call him a few days after that. No answer. Yup, this dude is a garbage human being and I am shocked anyone would ever employ this guy. So like I said, avoid this place at all costs. There's several mobile mechanics in this area. PLEASE spend your money elsewhere.

  • I cannot say enough about how wonderful the whole experience was. So c... read more I cannot say enough about how wonderful the whole experience was. So courteous and knowledgable. Great turn around time because they came to my work!! Will be using them again for sure!

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