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Motorcycle Reviews in the Corry Area

  • ericreviewedOff Road Express

    bought a kids quad for my brother here. The sales guys said they would... read more bought a kids quad for my brother here. The sales guys said they would fix the tire and one headlight and it would be done tuesday. I called tuesday and said it wouldn't be til the next day. Next day they called me to let me know my tire was in..? ok, so i called service and asked if they had it on yet so i could pick it up and the guy said they didnt have an order to do hello it had been days since i bought it. So i go there and said you have the tire so im gona wait with all my kids for you to throw it on. i've broke down tires and atv tires without the machine to do it and it took them longer than that! 50 minutet to change 1 tire, please. then they bring it out and the headlights still burned out. "well, um" yea they didn't have the order for that either. I said just give me the headlight and i'll do it myself. So FIFTEEN minutes later they came out with one. what i joke.. this is my second bad experience with these ppl. so done. oh and to top it off when i finally get it home, i back it off my truck and it has NOOOO brakes, front or back. they said they were going to go over the whole bike make sure everything worked. yea everybody wants to buy a quad for a kid with NO brakes..please don't take your stuff there people.

  • ericreviewedOff Road Express

    I dropped my quad off at their service department and days later I had... read more I dropped my quad off at their service department and days later I had to call and see if they had figured out why my polaris cranked but wouldn't start. They said they couldn't get it to crank or start. I went to pick it up and while the guy was standing there I called him on the BS that it wouldn't crank and so I grabbed a stray bolt laying on my trailer and tapped the starter no harder than a pebble falling off a table and it began to crank just like it had for days prior to dropping it off. I got the dumb stare and "um well it must be the starter" aaand it wasn't. Talked to owner of the place after the service guy started yelling at me "what do you want me to do!" hhhhmmm maybe fix it or hey maybe don't lie about it not cranking and look at me like a ding dong!! Owner was nice and seemed concerned but didn't do anything but say he'd check into it. No help with the problem at all. There service is horrible and I wouldn't recommend ever going there. It's a shame that part of the place gives the rest of it a bad name.

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