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Truck Reviews in the Erie Area

  • WARNING!! DO NOT DEAL WITH ERIE TRUCK & TRAILER!! I would rate Erie T... read more WARNING!! DO NOT DEAL WITH ERIE TRUCK & TRAILER!! I would rate Erie Truck & Trailer less than a 1 if this was an option. We took our brand new 2010 3500 Dodge Ram cab & chassis to them to have a flat dump bed installed. They totally gave us a screwed up job. After keeping our truck for over 2 months we were given a dump bed that didn't dump, the corners were cut out of the back of the flat bed due to a mistake they had made by installing posts into the back of the bed & metal pieces were riveted on. The eyes for the safety chains for the 5th wheel were welded so close to the ball that we couldn't get the goose neck down on, let alone the safety chains hooked up. The Reese hitch was installed way out past the back bumper so even if the dump bed would have worked we couldn't have used it. They misdrilled several times up thru the cab of the truck for the remote & left the holes open. The remote inside the cab was so short it got caught in the door when it shut. They installed the fuel cap way up under the bed of the truck, instead of on the side of the truck. We actually had to get on our knees & crawl up under the truck to add fuel. The door for the 5th wheel was installed the wrong way. They even used wood beams for a sub frame. They welded a cross member into the frame of the truck the cylinder to work the dump bed. The quality of the aluminum bed was VERY thin. The list goes on. This was nothing but a safety hazard. I would attach pictures if this site would let me. Then they expected to actually receive the other 1/2 of the money. They even took us to court to collect the money & put a lien on our house. We had to have our truck completely stripped down & a completely new flat dump bed put on. We had BULLHEAD in Tennessee replace the truckbed & fuel line, the LCD lights, etc. If you want a of the line job done, contact BULLHEAD in Tennesse.

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