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  • WORTHLESS WARRANTY ***IF YOU USE THEIR SERVICES, PAY WITH A CREDIT CA... read more WORTHLESS WARRANTY ***IF YOU USE THEIR SERVICES, PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD AND PROMPTLY (the C.C. company must receive a written dispute notice within 60 days . . . per the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act) DO A CHARGE BACK WHEN YOU SMELL A RAT. It is best if a person uses the forms online at attorneygeneral.g and make a dual filing with them and the credit card company.*** An honest review would be zero stars. Norman seems to enjoy lying to his customers and creating hostile confrontations. Walk in his business and be greeted by a "God built this Business" sign on the wall and then when you ask a simple question about repairs Norman will tell you he didn't do them and start throwing the "F" word around. Since having the vehicle there from Dec 7 - 23 and still not done (they told me just 3 business days to get the job for $1,900 +tax) transmission rebuild in December 2016, I have had to take it back 3 times so far for engagement issues. Last rude and unprofessional forced visit 8/7-8/10. Do you think, perhaps, there is a reason they have about 30 vehicles at their shop and virtually no space to drive onto the lot? *************************************************************************** Your shop is rated so poorly that your co-owners and employees feel they must pose as customers and give 5 star reviews to falsely inflate your shop's aggregate customer rating. Grow up a little. ***Yes, a complaint was made with the PA Attorney General consumer protection division against your shop. You should be hearing from them shortly.*** After fixing my Jeep correctly, subsequent to the debacle with your shop, the supply and demand picture for a full sized factory RHD Jeep is such that I could get $10,000 for it at the drop of a hat. You may send me a check for $1,000 if you wish to settle this matter or you may solicit a $300/hr. attorney. Reply to YT&AC's latest story: I have no time to respond to your unproductive quibbling. I'm back to the books.

  • This place was to check out our transmission and call our warranty com... read more This place was to check out our transmission and call our warranty company and tell them what was wrong to see if they would cover the costs to be fixed. We explained that it is our only vehicle and it was hard to go without, but they said to drop it off and they would fix it this week. We've called several times this week to find out the status, because they never even called the warranty company to tell them what was wrong and to see if they could even do the work. Each time we called, they said, "Oh, they are getting to that this afternoon" but they never got to it. We drove by the place to see if the van was still sitting in the same place, and the interior light was on and the car was unlocked! This was at 9:30 at night, so I don't know what happened! Then, my husband finally had enough and went to pick it up 4 days later because they still did nothing to it, and they had put a rag over the latch where the hatch locks into place. Why? What was the purpose of this? I'm not understanding why a company would have you bring your vehicle to them if they couldn't get to it at all anyhow, and then put a rag in the back - the transmission is up front! What was the purpose of being like that?? And the lady that answers the phone is rude and disrespectful!!! I wanted to know if they could get to it today, and if not, then I would come get it and take it elsewhere. she stated that I want to get it, so I should just come get it. I explained again that I am not saying I want it back, unless they can't get to it, and she told me just come get your car. - Professional much?

  • Stranded while visiting over holidays. They fixed me up in 2 days. W... read more Stranded while visiting over holidays. They fixed me up in 2 days. WOW

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