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Truck Reviews in the McKees Rocks Area

  • Jason, I was witness to your phone conversation with Dale. At NO TIME... read more Jason, I was witness to your phone conversation with Dale. At NO TIME did he say anything about brain surgery. LMAO...Second, yes we will not repairs cars that a customer has already tried to repair himself and is trying to do as cheap as possible so as to pocket the money... We will not put our good name or warranty behind repairs done by someone that doesn't repair cars for a living..... We simply can not stand behind a repair like that NOR will we take a chance on being sued because you A) didn't say bolt your hood on the proper way and it flies up while you are driving and hits the windshield, etc., or B) are using INFERIOR or worn out, rusted out parts or parts that DO NOT fit properly to try to pocket as much money as you can. Basically what you are trying to do is fraud, in so many words. The insurance company paid to have the job done PROPERLY, not make it profitable for you..... They paid what they felt it would take to return your vehicle to a PRE COLLISION standard so as to make it safe to drive again. Not to allow customers to profit off of accidents..... NO LEGITIMATE shop would have done this job for you knowing you are pocketing money and trying to cut corners and possibly have an unsafe car on the road....I am sorry Jason, we DO NOT cut corners and we will not stand behind a repair such as that. Do you buy your own steaks and take them to Outback and ask them to cook them for you? The same basically applies here. Unless we buy the parts and we can guarantee the job, we don't do it. JILIAN>..YOU NEVER CAME IN HERE FOR AN ESTIMATE OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER. I AM HERE ALL DAY ALONG WITH DALE. WE KNOW YOU ARE RELATED TO A FORMER EMPLOYEE WE FIRED JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOU WROTE THIS FICTICIOUS REVIEW...TELL TRISTAN WE SAID HI.. LMAO

  • I asked Dale how much he charged to paint a hood. He then proceeded to... read more I asked Dale how much he charged to paint a hood. He then proceeded to interrogate me how I was handeling my affairs with my insurance company. “You are taking the insurance money and fixing it yourself aren’t you?” “Why don’t you perform brain surgery tomorrow while you’re at it?” “You are doing something you have no business doing.” Sorry Dale, replacing a car’s hood is not complicated.

  • A bunch of shysters....already i need a new muffler.

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