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Auto Reviews in the Rapid City Area

  • When Rapid Chevy was still on Deadwood Ave, they were absolutely worth... read more When Rapid Chevy was still on Deadwood Ave, they were absolutely worth the time and money. But since they moved to the new location, they could not possibly get any worse with their customer service and work they perform. Still the same people, but they are not working the same as they did before. On a couple different visits, I scheduled my vehicle to be there right away in the morning. One for a lube/oil/filter, and one for the electrical issue. The LOF day, the truck was there at the 730 scheduled time. But the truck wasn't even brought into the bay until after 1100. I was waiting at the business for the truck to finish. The electrical system issue, key would not activate the solenoid and the battery would drain overnight, I scheduled a morning appointment on a Wednesday. John was the service writer I worked with. The car was there on time. I did not hear anything about the car until Friday afternoon and was told that they have not had time to look at it yet, I would have to wait until the next week. The next week came and on Tuesday, they called and said they needed this particular part. I ok'd the part to be brought in and placed in the car. I was told it would be done Wednesday morning. By Friday of the week, I had not heard from the business and called to ask if the car was ready. I was told no, that again they could not get to the car and I would have to wait until next week. I asked if he was joking with me, and was told by the writer (John) that he was not kidding. I told him that I was told the car was supposed to be ready two days ago. He said that they hadn't had time to get to it. I asked when it would be gotten to, and he said it would next week. I, not so politely, told him that this was a three day weekend, at best, I would not see the car until Wednesday which means that they would have had my car for two weeks. Not that it isn't enough so far, but it took another week before they called and said that the car was ready. I told them I was out of town for work and would be in on Tuesday, 4 days away, to pick the car up. I went to pick the car up and spoke with John again to get the car. After finishing the paperwork, we went out to get the car and the car would not start. John said that this was just the battery was dead. I said that this was part of the electrical system issues that brought the car to them in the first place. He brushed me off and got the car started. He said it was all good and ready to go. I asked him what to do if the car was not repaired, and he said to bring it back. I told him, ok, if I were you, I wouldn't put anything in this parking spot because if the problem starting this car was any indication, I did not believe that the car was fixed. John said it is just fine, the car will work. The next day, I went out to start the car and it was exactly the same as it was when I took it in three weeks ago. I drove it back and walked in and told John that I told him the car was not fixed. I gave them the keys and told them it needs to be fixed. I was pushed over to Chris, the service manager, and nothing changed. The car was there for another 10 days with nothing repaired. In the end I told them that I would never be back to Rapid Chevrolet for maintenance and would not buy another vehicle from them because it is unknown if the service people had to do anything to the vehicle. Absolutely the worst customer service period. They will let you schedule your appointment, but they will get to it at their own time. Being without the car for over a month was ridiculous enough, but after all that and having to take the car somewhere else to finally get it fixed was just beyond belief. All I can say is if you want your car fixed,,,, AVOID this place at all costs.

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