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  • BobbyreviewedM and W Towing

    On 12-19-17 I was unfortunate enough to find one of my semi truck in a... read more On 12-19-17 I was unfortunate enough to find one of my semi truck in a position requiring a class 5 tow truck. The city of Sparta TN called for a tow. After just over an hour of work the tow was completed. No complaint about the quality of the work. Then M and W Towing from Cookeville TN asked for $850. No specialized equipment was required for this tow. When I politely asked for a more reasonable rate for the time involved the business owner hung up on me. I called him back and again asked if he could be more reasonable for one hours work. He hung up again. (My last tow bill for a bigger job with the same size truck in this area was $350 for a truck that had to drive from another county) Knowing that I had no choice but to pay his exceptionally high rates I called him back a third time telling him I would pay it. He told me I had lost my chance to pay with a card over the phone and that I had to be there in 30 minutes or less with cash or he was going to tow the truck back to his yard where I could get it at twice the price. I told him that was unreasonable because my bank was not even open yet and I was in the next county over but I was ready to make payment. He refused to accept it on the grounds that I could cancel the payment at a later date and told me he was going to tow my truck at twice the cost. I had to get law enforcement to stop him from taking the truck and accept my payment. I was shocked at the lack of professional conduct by a business owner. Being in the transportation business with multiple semi trucks on the road I understand that it is expensive to operate and maintain these large commercial trucks but I also realize that it is unethical and poor business practices to overcharge one customer in order to make up for other financial shortfalls. I have used tow services from coast to coast and have never had one charge that much for such a simple pull of a semi truck high centered on a high spot in the road. His threats of higher charges and refusal to accept my payment once I was on scene unless I followed him to yet another county where his home office was located so he would have a signed credit card receipt was shocking and bordered on blackmail. Fortunately the local law enforcement agency told him he had no right to tow my truck and furthermore told him that if he continued to block my truck from leaving that they would have his vehicle towed. He finally relented and took my payment. I have never filed a complaint against a business before and would have paid his invoice regardless of my openion but his conduct was so shocking and unprofessional that I feel I must address it. I can provide proof of payment to M and W towing upon request. I had offered him 600 which is more than I have ever paid before in any state or city across the nation for the amount of work performed but he hung up on me for the third time. So unprofessional. Thank you Bobby Clark General Manager, LS Transport

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