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Auto Reviews in the Munford Area

  • TERRIBLE SERVICE. I promise you, the people working on your car DO NOT... read more TERRIBLE SERVICE. I promise you, the people working on your car DO NOT care about your car. 1st, they will take 2 WEEKS PERIOD to fix your car to maximize their profit because the longer its there the more in ‘labor fees’ they incur. 2nd, I picked up my car and it looked like they did the work the day before I picked it up. For 2 weeks at the shop, the job looked rushed and messy. Clear coat was not buffed entirely and had cloud like appearance over the area where they re-painted. The staff stated’ it does look like a child been playing on your car’. 3rd, it took an additional WEEK to fix the clear coat paint job on the quarter panel and replacement bumper. 4th, AFTER GETTING MY CAR BACK AFTER 3weeks, THEY LEFT MY TRUNK OPEN AND IT GOT SOAKED, long story short, no sound came out my car and the parking assiatnce didnt power on. They F’ed up my electrical system. The GM ran a test on my car and I had 16 pages of failed electrical errors. It took an additional WEEK AND A HALF to replace my right tail light, entire radio system in the trunk and to fix my parking assistance (which they had to have AUTONATION fix for them). After about 3 WEEKS AND A HALF TOTAL, I finally get my car back and they have overspray from the clear coat paint job all over the hood of my car. Im calling today 11/30/18 to have this looked over by the GM of Abra. Keep in Mind, all this for a fender bender. All Abra was doing was replacing the rear bumper. The staff is very rude as others have stated and the employees working on your car have the slightest knowledge of your vehicle or how to repair it. EVERY CAR/TRUCK IS NOT “A ONE SIZE FIT ALL” REPAIR. I promise you, if you care about your vehicle at all, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR/TRUCK TO ABRA ON MT. MORIAH. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, this is my story and its all facts. TAKE IT TO THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

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