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  • jamiereviewedSouthern Cycles

    DROPPED OFF RUNNING BIKE GOT BACK NON-RUNNING BIKE FOR $700 Drop... read more DROPPED OFF RUNNING BIKE GOT BACK NON-RUNNING BIKE FOR $700 Droped my vintage 81 KDX 250 off around Dec 11, 2011... The bike cranked easily, idled fine, and you could ride it. The bike only needed one of the shift forks replaced and spokes fixed. They quoted $300-$700 depending on the cost of the parts.. okay not a huge deal if it gets it back to being able to shift thru all the gears. Well today 12-30-2011 the bike was ready to be picked up for $712 but the catch was.... it was no longer running would not even crank.!! They told me they did a test ride it did ok going down the road then it just stoped and the mechanic had to push it to the shop. So instead of opening it back up to see what the problem was they just kept telling me it was a 30 year old bike and that it needed more parts (even tho it was running fine) and that they have been in buisness for 30 yrs and it was not their fault!!!. They did give me a $50 dollar discount cause they didn't do the spokes in all that time the had it.. Anyway, got it home opened it up and the problem fell out... the bolt that holds the rotor in place came tumbling out on the ground.... it had been cross threaded and stripped and the key had been snapped in two. I got the two parts I needed and replaced them myself. So 2hrs after picking up my kdx250 she is back to running great......... Please, Please avoid the Stress take your bike to a diffrent shop!!!! Don't Use Southern Cycles

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