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  • PeterreviewedNorth Dallas RV Inc

    A LOT OF WASTED TIME!!! Don’t waste your time!! My first experience... read more A LOT OF WASTED TIME!!! Don’t waste your time!! My first experience with North Dallas RV was to have some warranty work done to my 2017 interstate airstream lounge EXT. I was told that they were capable of handling warranty issues they arise. Talked with service manager Randy, said bring it in will take care of it. I asked him how long would it take him, he said a week two weeks tops. The issues I needed repair was the trim that was falling off. two months went by and nothing was Done. They never called, I always had to call. During that time, the unit needed to be winterized. They told me they would handle it. At the end of the two months, I finally just went and picked it up. He claimed the reason why he was unable to do the repairs was it was too cold. I asked him why didn’t you tell me that before I dropped it off, he replied he thought he would have time to do it. So during that whole period of time nothing was done for two months other than winterizing. I told him I would bring it back as it got warmer. My second experience finally have the repairs done took a little over a week picked it up went on my first trip. turn on my water pump. Not noticing that it was pouring water inside,my airstream. Apparently, when he winterized it he had the air pressure was too high and blew of a water line. And Noticed that he didn’t empty the toilet valve either, it froze and started leaking. OK, by now your thinking, why would you take it again to them. But I had too! I thought they were the only ones in North Dallas that work on airstream very sad for airstream. My third visit was to replace the frozen valve, I had some sewer issues, and step issues. They fix the frozen valve, they replaced my sewer pump, but they could not figure out how to fix my step retractable step. I asked him why he couldn’t do it and he said to be honest your unit is the first of its kind to be in our shop we’ve never worked on this kind of airstream before. I told him why he didn’t say that before I dropped it off it would save us a lot of problems. Two weeks later. He tried to charge me for the toilet valve that froze on his watch. Ended up taking it to a new airstream dealer and Service. I picked it up from North Dallas RV that morning to take it to airstream of DFW which is located in Fort Worth best company ever I recommend it highly. Notice that smell was coming from my upper cabinet. The people at North Dallas RV had gotten into my wine collection, as it sat there for two weeks. One of the bottles, had tipped over and you can smell the red wine. My recommendation is that someone, if not me. Let airstreams headquarter know what they’re doing to their customers they have no business working on airstreams

  • horrible horrible horrible avoid at all costs

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