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Recent Reviews in the Katy Area
  • I've been to several other repair shops around town, most everyone has... read more I've been to several other repair shops around town, most everyone has had staff with the worst attitude. A mutual friend recommended Water Toys Marine Services. I called and spoke with an extremely kind female on the phone. She then gave me the address so I could come visit with the service technicians, and check out the place prior to bringing any of the four different watercraft that I owned at that time. At my arrival all three service guys politely greeted me introducing themselves. During our conversation all three guys were steadily working on other customers watercraft, however, they never made me feel like they were to busy to answer any of my questions. I live in Huntsville, the guys said no problem we can come pick up your ski's and when the service is completed we will deliver them back. Impressive. Not only did these guys do a superior job on all four of my jet ski's, they also extended much help to sell two of the ski's. Currently I just bought three ATV's, Water Toys Marine Services came to pick all three up to do regular service and a few minor repairs. I got home this afternoon and they were just delivered back, great service, great small business, great people. I cannot stress how down to earth these people are. They truly care about their customers, they will take great measures to be sure your pleased. Understanding they cannot make everyone happy, as a business owner myself there are some in the world that no one can make happy. I was more than pleased. They even called a week later to follow up to make sure everything was running properly to my standards, then assured me they would promptly come out if anything happened to go wrong. I have the upmost respect for all of them. They work incredibly hard while running this business from their home. If your one of those that is going to wine and cry about every little thing, or call everyday this isn't the place for you stick to the dealerships. Anytime I'm around the area I just stop by to shoot the shit with all of them, they continue to work, we laugh and bs not to mention I always feel welcome. With that said, Water Toys Marine Services has my business, my family's business, my employees, and anyone else that I can send there way.

  • I'm a regular there at WTMS, I run my boats hard, and constantly screw... read more I'm a regular there at WTMS, I run my boats hard, and constantly screwing something up... It's my luck. I keep this man in business for sure haha. Let me say I've lived in Montgomery Dobbin area for 13yrs now. I fish ALL the time, fresh water and salt water. Watercraft mechanics and shops have come and gone in this area, I've used every last one of them, this one Water Toys Marine Services is my go to, my #1 no matter what the issue is, hands down! I've been using them for every bit of 5yrs. Jason, Taylor, and Chad are all outstanding mechanics. Not only that they are very honest, upfront and fair - something that's extremely hard to find. I've even taken the guys with me to check out a boat and jet ski that I wanted to purchase. Extraordinary group of guys! Over and over I've come to the shop thinking my bill would be incredibly ridiculous by expensive parts or repairs but they have always been very reasonable.THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT IN A MECHANIC! No matter how long it takes to get to my boat or boats worked on I will always wait because it's ABSOLUTELY worth it!! Owning multiple boats 1.Your always in the shop for something 2. You also have a back up for when one is in the shop. I've had my off shore boat completely re-done by these guys to little fiberglass fixes, touch up paint, installing whatever I'm wanting or needing, even some pretty good ideas for different cool fishing additions.The other man on here crying & complaining like a toddler about his fiberglass must have clashed with these guys. I really cannot see how, however, he must have been very hard to deal with or one that would never be happy no matter what the guys did. I'm telling you something pissed the guys off, I can say that without a doubt that they would have done anything possible to resolve any issue or to make this man happy. I'm personally given outstanding service every time still after this many years and have witnessed it on numerous occasions with other customers when I'm at the shop picking up or dropping off.

  • According to reviews they might be OK motor mechanic. But do not even ... read more According to reviews they might be OK motor mechanic. But do not even think of going there for fiberglass repair. They were supposed to repair damage done by our 3rd party contractor to our large fiberglass box and gel coat over the repairs. The fiberglass patch was OK, but they coated the gel coat directly over the existing gel coat without doing even remotely a good job of surface preparation in advance. Gel coat was applied directly over the existing un-sanded dirty gel coat. Needless to say we were able to chip off the new gel coat with your finger nails alone as it did not adhere to the old fiberglass surface. Also according to photos, it appears they applied gel coat out in the open during the winter. Also surface was bumpy (poor spray and spayed over pieces of dirt) and not smooth. We sent photos and told Jason about this. Round 2: He sent a worker out to "fix" the problem. Instead of fixing it, he made situation worse by pulling box out into dirt at our property and spray on top of the section (I picked at with my fingernail) out in the weather during January with no surface preparation. Result was no better gel coat adhesion even in that one spot much less the rest of the box and now 3 large drip marks. Round 3: We sent more photos showing very poor workmanship and Jason himself supposedly was to go out and take box back to his shop and make proper gel coat application. Instead someone hand sanded with coarse sandpaper the small 1" by 2" area as well as the 3 large drips and spray painted the gel coat over this roughened area with the box still on our dock over the lake and inside a wooden skirt. The result was an even worse looking gel coat now with rough over sprayed areas and a not even remotely smooth area where they applied the new layer. And of course they still did not fix the underlying problem of spraying over unsanded and dirty original gel coat. We took photos again and sent to our contractor who forwarded them to Jason. They claim we are "too picky" and we are finished with them and their sloppy work. We will now take our box instead to Northwest Fiberglass. They know what they are doing, are Better Business approved and have great reviews. Do yourself a favor and do the same if you are looking for fiberglass repair.

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