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Recent Reviews in the Katy Area
  • According to reviews they might be OK motor mechanic. But do not even ... read more According to reviews they might be OK motor mechanic. But do not even think of going there for fiberglass repair. They were supposed to repair damage done by our 3rd party contractor to our large fiberglass box and gel coat over the repairs. The fiberglass patch was OK, but they coated the gel coat directly over the existing gel coat without doing even remotely a good job of surface preparation in advance. Gel coat was applied directly over the existing un-sanded dirty gel coat. Needless to say we were able to chip off the new gel coat with your finger nails alone as it did not adhere to the old fiberglass surface. Also according to photos, it appears they applied gel coat out in the open during the winter. Also surface was bumpy (poor spray and spayed over pieces of dirt) and not smooth. We sent photos and told Jason about this. Round 2: He sent a worker out to "fix" the problem. Instead of fixing it, he made situation worse by pulling box out into dirt at our property and spray on top of the section (I picked at with my fingernail) out in the weather during January with no surface preparation. Result was no better gel coat adhesion even in that one spot much less the rest of the box and now 3 large drip marks. Round 3: We sent more photos showing very poor workmanship and Jason himself supposedly was to go out and take box back to his shop and make proper gel coat application. Instead someone hand sanded with coarse sandpaper the small 1" by 2" area as well as the 3 large drips and spray painted the gel coat over this roughened area with the box still on our dock over the lake and inside a wooden skirt. The result was an even worse looking gel coat now with rough over sprayed areas and a not even remotely smooth area where they applied the new layer. And of course they still did not fix the underlying problem of spraying over unsanded and dirty original gel coat. We took photos again and sent to our contractor who forwarded them to Jason. They claim we are "too picky" and we are finished with them and their sloppy work. We will now take our box instead to Northwest Fiberglass. They know what they are doing, are Better Business approved and have great reviews. Do yourself a favor and do the same if you are looking for fiberglass repair.

  • I'm one that really does not write reviews but I do pay attention to t... read more I'm one that really does not write reviews but I do pay attention to them. After everything of mine that Jason has tore apart, completely rebuilt, to even a simple oil change this man deserves a review! Extremely hard worker, always willing to help out in any way that he can. I have had to call him after hours because I was stranded out on the lake. He said give me about 45min to finish dinner with my family & I will be there. Wonderful family, even his daughters help out. I would much rather help a small business than taking any of my stuff to a dealership! Dealerships often screw you by coming up with everything and anything wrong with your boat. After observing Jason's work ethic & knowledge I can't say that I would feel this comfortable with anyone else! Yall take your business to him, you will not be let down.

  • My jetski blew up last year. Jason rebuilt everything from the fuel l... read more My jetski blew up last year. Jason rebuilt everything from the fuel lines, to the engine an carb. He did a phenomenal job. I just got off the water after riding all day and it ran better than when it was new. This is the person you want working on your boat or ski. He has integrity and values hard work. Think he should charge more for his service. Its hard to find a good mechanic and if he charged more his time would be totally worth the price. I could tell from talking with him that he is a family man. He works hard to support his family so don't nickle and dime him.

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