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Boat Reviews in the Springville Area

  • We left our one owner very well cared for wakeboard boat with this sho... read more We left our one owner very well cared for wakeboard boat with this shop for a transmission repair. There was the appearance of decent security in place to safeguard our boat while it was there. Sadly that was not the true situation. They failed to inform us that the security cameras had not been working for a month and only tell us this after the fact that our tower speakers and light bar were stripped from our boat while it was in their care. All that remained when we came to pick it up were wires dangling where they were once located. The worst part is when we called the shop and spoke to the owner he accused us of lying that he did not know for a fact that there were speakers on our boat when we brought it to them. He was not willing to help in any way and nastily stated that we had signed a liability release when we allowed them to keep our boat to work on it. The officer that responded to the call we placed found it interesting as do we that these cameras were not working at the time the theft occurred. Either they failed in their duty to safely store our boat while in their care or more likely someone that had access to our boat helped themselves to our speakers and light bar to either resell or use them. I wonder how many other unsuspecting boat owners have been ripped off by this place. Sad part is we drove over two hours to have them work on our boat as they are the last of the Centurion dealers in the area. The mechanic that convinced us he was the best does not even have the decency to return our calls and apologize. Another red flag....

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