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Motorcycle Reviews in the Milton Area

  • StevenreviewedAshland Cycle Center

    Destroyed a new fairing on my motorcycle by torquing the nylon frame s... read more Destroyed a new fairing on my motorcycle by torquing the nylon frame slider into the fairing AND created additional damage to another fairing piece. They refuse to repair. After a warranty fairing replacement, my battery tender USB wasn't working -- simple fix, just remove the fairing and check the wiring for a short, right? WRONG. It was physically impossible to remove the fairing because the frame slider was rotated and curled into the plastic itself and torqued down to such a degree that it required a breaker-bar to loosen. So it just magically violated the laws of physics? It's impossible to remove in it's pinned position, so its clear that it wasn't put on like that... not to mention on close inspection you can see where the fairing isn't even properly aligned. In that event that it didn't fit, I would think it would be addressed then and there. Either it was or it wasn't. If it wasn't, the fairing was jammed on, which apparently snapped the tap on my front fairing OR it was corrected, which is why it was torqued to 200-odd foot lbs on a fastener installed with an inch-pound torque wrench ~10 ft/lbs. Sounds an awful lot like the later.. That bike has been meticulously maintained and garage kept since the day I bought it. I guess Kawasaki and/or small claims can take it from here. We'll see. I placed good faith in your dealership or my purchase and the warranty repair. I've not got a motorcycle with more damage than it started with. That's a shame.

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