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  • I was without the Aqua-Hot in our RV for almost 2 weeks while travelin... read more I was without the Aqua-Hot in our RV for almost 2 weeks while traveling to Anchorage Alaska. It started to blow black smoke while in Windsor Colorado and a day or two later quit working altogether. The shops in Calgary could not fit me into their schedules so I had to wait until reaching Anchorage. They worked on the unit, replaced the Websato Control Module, $800, replaced the burner nozzle, etc. over three hours of shop labor, total bill was well over $1200. Two months later while staying in Fairbanks, the Aqua-Hot diesel burner stated blowing black smoke again but this time much worse. It was so much that it set off the smoke alarm I have in my front run electrical bay on the same side of the coach that the Aqua-Hot exhaust is located. After returning back to the lower 48, I had Roger Berke of Sacramento look at the Webasto diesel burner and he found many parts that were well worn and needing replacing along with a very old style burner nozzle. The combustion chamber was also choked up with carbon chunks. Needless to say, after another almost $600 or well needed parts, the burner is now in tip top shape. The so called Aqua-Hot trained technicians at Karen's RV service really don't know what they are doing and do not have a clue when it comes to maintaining an Aqua-Hot system. I will NEVER go back to them again. If when in Alaska and I have a Webasto burner problem, I will send the unit to Roger Berke in Sacramento for his expert rebuilding service. He is one of the best Aqua-Hot service technicians in the country. Richard Smith Monaco Windsor PBT Full-Timer over 10 years

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