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  • Annette reviewedPep Boys

    I called big ten before I brought in my Jaguar to confirm that they co... read more I called big ten before I brought in my Jaguar to confirm that they could do an alignment on a Jaguar. I was told "no problem, we can align all cars." I brought my car in and waited in their shop for my car to be serviced. While I was waiting, the shop attendant came and told me that I needed new rear tires NOW, because they were in such bad shape. I followed him into the bay where my car was so he could show me how bad my tires were. I was not going to be talked into new tires for my car so I just told the man that an alignment was all I was in for at the time. I waited another hour and the man came and told me that my car was ready. GREAT!. After I paid the $69.00, he hands me my key and says, "your not going to notice any improvement on the cars handling because we could not align your car." I said "excuse me?" He said "yeah, you are really gonna need to take it to the Jag dealer for that, but we did the best we could do here." He then gave me the specs sheet that showed all the numbers still in red. I told him "you know I called you ahead of time to make sure you could align this car and you assured me that it would be no problem. I even sat here in your shop the entire time my car was on the platform and you never came to me to tell me that you couldn't align my car for which I was there in the first place, but you DID come to me to tell me I needed new rear tires!" He says to me "I'm not going to fight with you ma'am and walked away. Worst service I have ever gotten anywhere!

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