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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Denver Area

  • We took our 2014 Starcraft Comet pop-up in for service. Our furnace w... read more We took our 2014 Starcraft Comet pop-up in for service. Our furnace was not working at all, and our AC unit was not getting as cold as it previously did. We thought that perhaps it needed a freon charge. Also, we needed to have the seal around our vent scraped off and reapplied. We explained to Mitch that the heater was inoperable, and he stated that fact on the work order. He also stated (in all caps) that the freon might need to be recharged and needed to be checked. We picked up our trailer one week later, and took it out on a trip a week after that. The heater was still not working, despite the fact that we told them that it was not operable. Turned out it was the thermostat, and once we switched it out it worked fine. They obviously never checked it. We were very disappointed. The finished work order also did not state that they had fixed the problem or made it operable. With the AC, they did indeed clean the filters like they said they had. The air still did not feel as cold as it should, however. My husband removed the top of the AC when we returned from our trip and he found two old wasps nests inside of it. There was dirt on the coils, which would affect the cooling ability of the unit. The unit had apparently only been sprayed with air from the outside. The finished work order, again, did not state anything about the freon, so we still don't know if it needs a recharge. The ONLY thing that they actually completed was the scraping of the seal. ALSO, Mitch really pressured us to get the bearings done on our wheels. He used scare tactics and stated that our trailer could flip or cause serious injury if we didn't get it done. Since this is at the very least a $154 job, my husband decided to do it himself. Mitch told my husband that it was imperative that he get the correct amount of grease in the bearings. After looking into it, it turns out that it is absolutely impossible to under or over lubricate the bearings. It took him 25 minutes to finish the job, and it was very simple. $25, and the job was done. We were charged $554 for this work. NEVER AGAIN. If you need something done on your trailer, figure out how to do it yourself. Use YouTube. If you absolutely need work done, get it done elsewhere. Ketelsen's is unfortunately a waste of time and money.

  • I have been using this service department since I bought my first trai... read more I have been using this service department since I bought my first trailer from them about 15 years ago. Their work is top notch, they treat you fairly and they don't try to upsell you on everything. They are honest about all repairs and charges. Their mechanics are all licensed and all seem to have been working there for a very long time. That tells me a lot about this company.

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