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Auto Reviews in the Bradenton Area

  • ElliottreviewedA and M Auto Body

    when i called Kelly i let him know that i needed a regulator. I knew t... read more when i called Kelly i let him know that i needed a regulator. I knew this because i had a mechanic remove the door panel and he informed me that is what i needed. kelly ordered the part which arrived at 9 am.he gave me an estimate of $366 to repair the regulator. he didn't know if the door release could be fixed without ordering a new panel. I PICKED THE CAR UP AT 12 NOON. He then told me he didn't need the regulator. the cost was $100 and he did fix the door release. A MORE HONEST SHOP WOULD BE VERY HARD TO FIND. THANK YOU KELLY

  • ChristopherreviewedClassic Auto Body

    Excellent Quality Craftsmanship @ reasonable price!

  • Three months after purchasing my new 2013 Nissan Sentra, I was unfortu... read more Three months after purchasing my new 2013 Nissan Sentra, I was unfortunately in an accident that caused extensive damage to my passenger side and rear axle. Being that the Firkins Dealership has a Nissan Certified Collision Center, it was a natural thought to have it repaired there. After about three months of my car being in the shop and me being in a rental that is in no way comparable to my own car, I am told that my car is ready, so my brother (a former auto body detailer and lifelong car enthusiast) and I go to pick it up. Unfortunately as we had dreaded, our standards were not met with multiple small cosmetic details that should not be apparent on a brand new car. Parts were ordered and I was sent on my way with my car with an appointment in the near future to have them taken care of. That evening my car died and would not start in my driveway. Missing work, the next day I had the car towed back to the body shop to be looked at. They can not explain what happened and essentially blame it on the staff at the Nissan Dealership for doing something wrong while checking a computer code, and now all of the sudden I need a new fuel pump. Another month of waiting for the part to arrive, during which I paid an unexpected visit to the shop to see how things were going. I was previously told that all the cosmetic issues we had discussed had been complete and we were only waiting for the pump. When I arrived not only were barely any of the cosmetic issues dealt with and it seemed as though my car had been sitting in the same spot the whole time, I also happened to find a rusty razor blade stuck to the top of my new car with a large rust spot around it. Miraculously, after my visit that friday, the part is in and my car is ready for me to pick up on wednesday. All seems well except for yet another cosmetic detail that was not present the last time I saw my car that is scheduled to be dealt with within the next few weeks which meant I would have to yet again inconve

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