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Auto Reviews in the Fort Lauderdale Area

  • TonireviewedMack Auto Repair

    ?? Cornelius Mclymont scammed me out of 3500 and instead of fixing my ... read more ?? Cornelius Mclymont scammed me out of 3500 and instead of fixing my car he tore it up. He had me fooled by driving everyone else vehicle only to find out he doesn't have a car. He emptied all my fluids and tried to blow my transmission. He damaged my new battery. I drove the car to him and had to get it towed from him. I threatened him just to get my car back after 6 months of I promise Friday and I need money to fix it. He hide my car and kept lying about it. He took the plastic off and let it rain in my car for 3 months before I found my car. My seats are stained and mildew. Mack also let homeless people sleep in my car and have sex in my car. I was Lyft and Uber certified and after he got my car I'm not able to do ride share. He took my doors off to pretend like he did work to get more money from me so I had to pay someone else just to pat the doors on he broke my seat cut up the interior broke my control arm and struts my car is wobbly and can only do 50 before it shakes. He scratched up my car. The more I got made about something new he was doing, the more he did for being mad. I served him in court and of course he didn't show up. He and his brother are con-artist. I wish I would've never picked him. He's the dirtiest of them all. Most evil liar you can ever meet. He been down playing with my money talking about giving me 700 back Friday. He's been paying me every Friday for 11 months now. Everything is a game to him. Stay away from him or you will get scammed too. People were lined up with complaints about him just taking their money and not fixing people cars. His number is still the same but he moves his shop like every 100 people. People are looking for him. He not at this address anymore I met him at this address and he moved twice since I met him. I found him and let me tell you after I get my money I'll be posting his location and his house address for everyone to feel free to sue him and good luck.

  • ValeriereviewedMack Auto Repair

    Mack Auto is refusing to replace my sideview mirror which was apart of... read more Mack Auto is refusing to replace my sideview mirror which was apart of the accident. Late April,2023, Mack was paid over $3000.00 to repair the passenger door which was also hit during the accident. He repaired the door but has yet to repair the sideview mirror. I have contacted Mack numerous times to make the repair yet he refuses to comply. All he does is make false promises. Donot take your car to Mack Auto Repair. He has moved from address listed however, he is still in business.

  • DebrareviewedMack Auto Repair

    Terrible horrible disgusting lying deceitful unprofessional scumbag. H... read more Terrible horrible disgusting lying deceitful unprofessional scumbag. How are these Caribbeans still in business. Wish we had of read the reviews. Took car to get resprayed. It was the shittiest job you could ever imagine. He has been sued before but dosnt seem to give a damn. Looks as though he dosnt pay even when he loses a court case. He had the car for months . we ended up having to take it back only half finished. The paint work had cracks and bubbles in it. He also used our car to joyride around in. Went through a tank of gas . Restaurant and food papers throughout our car. I hope this guy gets his karma one day.

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