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Auto Reviews in the Fort Lauderdale Area

  • I was so pleased with the service I received. I was constantly updated... read more I was so pleased with the service I received. I was constantly updated about the status of my vehicle, was given an itemized list of services and the cost before the work was performed, and then picked up an IMMACULATE repaired car and was given a travel mug as a thank you! We will not take our cars anywhere else! Thank you!

  • Easy and Quick. They utilize technology as they keep you informed by e... read more Easy and Quick. They utilize technology as they keep you informed by email when their mechanic starts working on your vehicle and when he is finished. Also completed a free comprehensive vehicle inspection with a detailed print out confirming over all mechanical condition of your vehicle. Also, they charged $150.00 less than Porsche dealership and still used the more expensive Liqui Moly full synthetic oil!!!

  • StephenreviewedGerman Car Depot

    DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. They have made my car totally undriveable. ... read more DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. They have made my car totally undriveable. This incidentally is not an old banger. It looks almost as if it just came out of the showroom, and has less than 70,000 miles on it. I took my perfectly good car here recently for what was a very simple fix which I could have done myself if I had the equipment, after first getting an estimate $530 for a job, which only should have taken about 3 hours. Once I agreed to have the work done, the price instantly went up by $100, but I agreed anyway. While the car was in the shop, I then got a text to increase the price yet again to $862 for "extras" which should have been foreseen and included in the original procedure, and parts which were perfectly serviceable. I had no option but to agree. They initially had the car for 3 days to do this 3 hour job (their estimate, not mine), and after I eventually got the car back I checked it only to find that the problem was still there, despite getting texts to say my car was "tested and ready to go". So the car went straight back in. I heard no more until I was texted by the owner to ask how well my service had been. I replied negatively, and said that my car was now back in the shop. By sheer coincidence (?) I was then texted by the shop within minutes to say it was almost "ready to go" even though they then kept it for a whole day and a half before texting me to say it was ready and "doing very well". I picked up the car, which they had now for a total of 5 days, and I had not been able to use for 8 days, for the "3 hour job". The worst part is that the problem I had paid and waited to be fixed was still there, despite all the time and money. It cost almost $830 in the end after a first (and last) customer discount. Furthermore, the car, which was running good when I dropped it off, now is totally undriveable. They have totally ruined the transmission somehow (which is nothing to do with the problem I took it in for, and is still there). I cannot drive the car at all any more, and will need to tow it somewhere where it can be fixed properly. The car cannot be driven at all. However, I do notice that they managed to put over 50 miles on the odometer while they had it. This is more than excessive for "testing" and I guess the joyriding only stopped when the fuel ran out, as it was also given back to me with the tank almost empty. I wonder how they were able to do this with the car in the state it was returned to me. It must be that the car was damaged while they were driving it around. One person there even said that he had driven it "several times". Their excuse was "well we warned you it made a slight noise when we tested it, so it's your problem". The car was driving fine before I took it here. This problem is a result of something that was done here. I can only guess that this retribution for complaining that they had not done the job I paid for in the first place (and still haven't). P.S. This is not a one-off. A relative of ours took a car here for a simple thing also, and ended up with a broken down car and some expensive repairs almost immediately afterwards. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - GO ELSEWHERE

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