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  • I'm actually another repair facility, so obviously I KNOW how repair f... read more I'm actually another repair facility, so obviously I KNOW how repair facilities work and have been doing this for 20 years. I recently did business with this repair facility. One of MY customers was passing through Jacksonville when her engine started making noise. She went into this shop to find out what was going on with her vehicle. She was told it needed an engine. She then called me to assist her with her vehicle. I spoke to the owner, Tim, who told me the engine has low end banging noise. I asked if he would pull codes for me which he did. he indicated there were no stored codes. I expected to pay a fee but $110.00 is extremely excessive. Given the same circumstances my shop would have charged 35.00, (maybe), probably would not have charged anything. So let's break this down, I was charged $45.00 for Tim listening, yes listening and another $65.00 for pulling codes. Now everyone who reads this, check your local papers. You will find that EVERY shop charges $0.00 to pull codes and I've never heard of anyone charging for listening. I have to say Tim, I truly feel you took advantage of me. I'm not just a customer off the street, I KNOW what you have to do. I KNOW what goes on within repair facilities. I hope everyone reading this sees this as the rip-off it really is. Anyone wishing to discuss this with me, feel free to write a comment to this review and I will respond. Respectfully,

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