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  • RalphreviewedCycle Gear

    I have purchased 2 batteries from this place. Both times I was "up sol... read more I have purchased 2 batteries from this place. Both times I was "up sold" on a battery with a "life time warranty" I am in the auto parts industry and I have never heard of a life time battery. But, after asking 5 times to make sure thats what they said I went for it. The first time I came to warranty the battery the guy at the desk was very nice and told me that some one had made the mistake and sold me "the wrong battery and it only had a 1 year warranty"... he said "we have 2 batteries and our brand is RED and thats the lifetime battery". Like I said before, I am in the industry and Sh*t happens, so I bit the bullet and bought another one, this time I made sure the battery was RED and asked about the warranty. I was reassured yet again and went on my way. A few days ago the battery went bad and I called Cycle Gear to inquire about the procedure to get it replaced. The service rep via the phone stated that I had to bring in the battery, it had to be trickle charged for 24 hours then tested. Inconvenient but understandable. 3 days after that I brought the battery to their store and walked up the the front counter. I mentioned that I needed to replace the battery and that I understood the procedure would take 24 hours. The gentleman at the counter looked at me like I had 3 heads and said "We do not sell a battery with a lifetime warranty" (while laughing). At this point i wasn't very happy and insisted that these were the pretenses that were told to me when I purchased the battery. After some back and forth bickering about it, the sir behind the counter said "I'm new, I'll take your information, put the battery to charge and call you once I speak to my manager". That was 5 DAYS AGO! I still have not heard from them and the 2 times I called to inquire about the battery I was told "I am the only person in the store right now and really busy, can I call you back".... STILL NOTHING. This company has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

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