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Auto Reviews in the Lawrenceville Area

  • WandareviewedBrownlee Automotive

    Took my car to have evaluated. I was told that my engine was bad and n... read more Took my car to have evaluated. I was told that my engine was bad and needed to be replaced. He said he would be swapp my engine out with a engine close to the same miles I had on my car. So I agreed to have my engine changed. This would have been a good time to tell me that it's only 30 days on a used engine. but he did not disclose this information to me. He went and got the car emissions done and told me he had been driving my car and it was running fine. Two days later and paying 4081.00 I pick my car up it seemed fine. I wasn't able to test drive the car because of Covid the DMV was closed. so it was close to three months until I was able to get a tag for car. I finally got the tag and drove the car, I noticed a pull from the car when I put the car in drive, it snatched into gear. I took car back and the mechanic RL adjusted something on the engine so that took care of the problelm. Still didn't informe me about 30 days for a used engine. I drove the car for two weeks and the car is surging and smoking from the tail pipe. I call R.L to tell him what's going on. He says bring the car in. I had a video of what was going on with the car. I informed R.L I got advice from another mechanic and was told this is because coolant is getting into the engine which point to a bad head gasket, and the surging could possibly be the air intake control valve and the problem was engine related Which R.L agreed that it probably was the IAC and he would have fixed it "IF" he knew it was bad He then suggested put 20 w 50 in the engine. I called another mechanic and told them what my car was doing and what advice I was giving from RL. And was told to ask for the paper work on the engine. I have not received no information on the engine he installed in my car to this very day. And putting 20 w 50 was not going to solve my issue. So I take the car back because of the surging and mind you it's still smoking. I also was getting water in the trunk so R.L looked into these issued and charged me 80.00.I was told by R.L that my Power steering rack need replacing and he would fix my IAC for aprox 1100.00 dollars. This has been the worst experince with this shop. My car is sitting unable to drive. I gave him ONE star because a rating was required. He deserves 0 stars. We'll end up in court I'm sure.

  • Be Aware!! Warning. Below ZERO service! After a car accident, I too... read more Be Aware!! Warning. Below ZERO service! After a car accident, I took my BMW to their shop. They said that they would fix everything. They didn't. They damaged the car. Horrible. Bmw dealership said that the car has frame damaged from the accident and it is dangerous to drive it. BMW dealership gave me a report. Caliber did not mention that matter, and told me that car was fixed. But it was not. No experience at all. They didn't fix the trunk right. The door paint was completely different than the original one. My car has paint shades now because of their bad job. They damaged the roof. Water leak while the weather is rainy. The did big damage inside the car. My car is convertible. They damaged and cut the wires between the trunk and the roof. Bad management is plus. Please take your vehicle anywhere else. This is the worst shop in USA. After they got the insurance check, my car was damaged more. It took them One year to fix my car, and they didn't.. they did more damage. They deserve below zero stars, and I will SPARED the word

  • JohnreviewedAutohaus Group

    Jeff and Phinah are honest proprietors and looking out for the well be... read more Jeff and Phinah are honest proprietors and looking out for the well being of their customers. They recommend and use high quality parts, deliver on their promises, and charge REASONABLE prices! The service is careful, CLEAN, and on time! Great experience and service will keep you confident and coming back over and over for service. GREAT JOB!!! John B. Norcross, GA

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