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Auto Reviews in the Chicago Area

  • KennethreviewedAuto Sound Barrier

    on 2/23/2018 I went into Auto Sound Barrier to get tint and lights put... read more on 2/23/2018 I went into Auto Sound Barrier to get tint and lights put on my car... the lights were done perfect, but the tint was very bad. they Charge me $225 for the tint and $75 for the lights, which finding out he overcharged me for the lights. I brought that to there attention abt the tints, I was not satisfied, it had a lot of bubbles in the back window. he told me to come back in 5 days enough time for it to dry. I came back 2/27/2018. took off work early to get there, approach Senan the owner son. he told me to come back some other day. so I explain to him that his father and Nacho the guy installer told me to come back in 5 days . then he told me I had to make an appointment, while I'm explaining this to him 2 other people came in to get some work done that wasn't under know appointment, the same thing I did, I was a walk in. and at the same time, he put them in front of me and I was there first. I took off work early to handle that situation with my tint. he gonna tell me to get out the store after I ask to talk to his father. I heard this young man talk to customers like there garbage. I tried calling to talk to the owner he won't come to the phone and they keep telling me he ain't there. I talked to Nacho the installer and he even said Senan don't know how to talk to people. he's very rude. I still haven't got my window tint fixed

  • I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in fo... read more I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in for an oil service. I spoke to the tall service manager. He was helpful and explained I had 3 open recalls on my SAAB then one is related to my seat belts. This is why I always like going back to the dealership to have my SAAB repairs completed. I never knew they are PERILLO SAAB I thought all SAAB dealerships went out of business. I know found my SAAB dealership. Thomas B. Chicago Il

  • jeromereviewedUnited Tires LLC

    Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not... read more Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not accept payment from them , had to go to their shop to pay for them , plus Chicago , and State tax to boot . Asked to see the DOT code to see if these were indeed "New" tires as advertised , was not allowed or shown them before work was done .Asked for estimate on how much this was going to cost me , total Price of the So called 4 "New" tires mount , balance, disposal fee ..etc...went on deaf ears and work was performed with out my authorization anyway . After it was done , I look at my receipt and it says " Used Tires" , I questioned it and was told they are "New" but made sometime in 2014. That is not a " New" tire by me ... I just hope and pray that I did not get some altered , used , abused, blemished, damaged , or only God knows what else tires , that will be GARBAGE , after their ever so gracious and kind , 90 day warranty , which was not explained to me what if anything is warranted . Going back to the DOT codes on the tires , I can not even tell when they were made because the third oval that contains the Manufacturing date is missing .... I spent good , hard earned money on a product that isn't even what is advertised on Ebay , Buyer beware on what these people sell , I am taking the car ( my daughters by the way ) to a Goodyear store to have them check out these " New" tires and see if they can guess how old they are and if they are any good , For if they are not deemed any good, by the fine folks at Goodyear .... BACK THEY GO .... and then I contact the BBB , news people and anyone else who will listen . So like I said ....Never again , and Buyer Beware , you don't know what you are going to get from this establishment .

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