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Auto Reviews in the Jacksonville Area

  • MichellereviewedBig City Detail

    I don't normally write reviews, but I have to say DO NOT GO TO THIS PL... read more I don't normally write reviews, but I have to say DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!! John Ellision and his children, Rich and Jasmine, are the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL individuals I have ever met in my LIFE! After this experience, I probably will never get me car detailed again. The only reason why I selected this company is they offered an interior focus detail with a mini exterior detail for $79.95 - this, to me, was a great deal and I was in Jacksonville for the day visiting, as I planned to return home to Tampa the next morning. I called to see if I needed to schedule an appointment; this is when Jasmine quoted me $105.00 for the service - the one that clearly states on their website $79.95. After telling her what they advertised, she had to call her dad, John, to get the OK - to which she called me back and requested that I print out their price page as proof that I was not lying. An hour later I dropped my car off for detailing - they said it should only take 3hrs; forty-five minutes later, I received a call saying my car was 'damaged' and they would do a full detail on my car as well as pay for the damages (I would hope so!). They said there was a 'dent' by my right headlight. They kept my car the full day. When I picked it up and saw the damages I was SHOCKED!!! They ran my car into a FREAKING WALL, folks! Their bright yellow wall! Rich stressed how long it took him to remove the paint from my car. Oh, that 'dent' they said turned out to be a HOLE. Their wall crushed my right wheel well on my car, bending is SO bad that when I make a left turn, my tire scrapes the damaged part of my car. Oh, the repairs would have been made at John Ellison's body shop. This way he wouldn't have to report this incident to his insurance company. Hold on... this experience gets so much better. First off, John - the owner - was out of town and did not directly call me when the damages were made. Second, HE WANTED ME TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE I RECEIVED! He told Rich, his son, not to hand me the keys to my car until I paid for the detail. I had Rich call his dad because #1. I don't live in Jacksonville to have my repaired at his shop. #2. I DON'T TRUST THE GUY. He said that when he made the repairs to my car the next time I was in town that I would owe him for the detail. Honestly, I should have called the cops. These people are shady as they come. I filed a complaint with my insurance company. They attempted to call him multiple times over a week and a half. Finally, when John answered his phone, he denied any knowledge of the damages occurring. John runs a shady business. I'll be posting this on other sites, I just hope others see it before trusting him and his company with their possessions.

  • If I could give this place a ZERO, I would. Absolutely awful experienc... read more If I could give this place a ZERO, I would. Absolutely awful experience!! I bought the Groupon for the Platinum package. Didn't receive half of the services that are supposed to be included. They soaked my car so badly it wasn't dry for 3 days and now smells absolutely awful and I cannot get the smell out. I have a 3 month old and can't even put her in the car. They broke my driver side door, soaked the car so badly my power locks stopped working!. Windows were all streaked, terrible wax job. The carpets and seats look bad. The list goes on and on. Tried contacting the owner 4 or 5 times. He kept saying he would call back and set up a time to meet. Just gave us the run around. They ruined my car. The girl that answers the phone is rude and the overall customer service is dirt. DO NOT use this place!

  • SarahreviewedBig City Detail

    I'm not about all the bad reviews, but I had a great experience! Clean... read more I'm not about all the bad reviews, but I had a great experience! Clean car inside and out. Good customer service. They only forgot to condition leather seats.

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