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  • I started working at Halls Harley-Davidson in February, 2020. I quit J... read more I started working at Halls Harley-Davidson in February, 2020. I quit June, 2020. This is why. During my tenure there I sold two used motorcycles for them that after the sale was complete, Matthew, the Sales Manager told me the customer would be lucky to make it to the next stop light before the bike broke down. I was flabbergasted. The red flag went up for the first time. The second instance was a motorcycle that was absolutely a lemon. Matthew, the Sales Manager again had tricks up his sleeve. This time it was his sale, his commission. The used motorcycle had an extensive repair record at Halls Harley-Davidson. Matthew sat with the customer and read off all the service dates and told the customer how meticulous the previous owner was and how well this used motorcycle had been serviced. It was the first time I saw service records used to sell a bike. He deceived the buyer and led them to believe they were buying a gem of a motorcycle. After they drove off, he laughed and said it was the worst bike on the lot and they were going to have nothing but trouble. He also stated it was the used bike that the dealership had owned the longest, over two years. They could not get rid of it. He was very proud and boasted about his deception. The final straw for me was Thursday, June 18, 2020. I had a bike sold. My customer was coming in at 5:00pm with a check. Larry, married to Mr. Halls daughter, and General Manager told me the customer had negotiated an unsatisfactory deal for the dealership, therefore he was going to stick it to the customer. He stated that he would not replace a rear tire that should be replaced with a new tire. In my 4 months with the dealership, this was something I had never seen. You simply cannot send a customer off with unsafe tires. Unless you want to kill someone. But in this case a new policy came into play. Larry was so pissed at the deal he agreed to with the customer, he had to strike back and recoup some of the money in the deal he himself wished he had not written. Bad deal? You wrote the deal! Don't be pissed at the customer for crying out loud. This deal he wrote was all the customers fault, of course. So in order to make more money on the deal he negotiated, don't replace a worn out rear tire, tell the customer all is well and send him down the road. Safe travels! I saw this and left the dealership immediately. People's lives matter. Sales commissions and my job were not as important as customer safety. Be careful.

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