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Auto Reviews in the Springfield Area

  • RachelreviewedA To Z Automotive

    These guys are beyond unprofessional. I have never been so disrespecte... read more These guys are beyond unprofessional. I have never been so disrespected as a female by another man in my life. They had my car for 3 months to replace a water pump and do a tune up and oil change. My car was originally overheating when i brought it to them. They did a diagnostics and said it was the water pump. They supposedly fixed it and never even called me to say the work was finished. They did not test the car before returning it to me. They allowed me to drive off the lot only to realize without even going a whole mile that the car was still overheating. I immediately brought it back to them and they kept my car for months claiming to be making repairs on the car. I picked my car up on April 2, 2019 and my car still was not fixed. Again they never called me to inform me what was going on with my vehicle. When i picked it up it wasn't even parked on their lot. They went on to say that it was possibly a blown head gasket. I gave the shop over $500 to repair my vehicle and got it back in the same working condition as before. When I called inquiring about what all repairs were made to the vehicle while in their care, frustrated Junior cursed me out. Junior stated and I quote that mother fucking car has been sitting up here for 3 or 4 fucking months I cant remember what all we fucking did. That was after I had to keep asking for a lis of repairs and attempt to get him to remember the car I was speaking about. It should be on your fucking receipt is what Junior stated. Unbelievable is all I can say. What happened to quality customer service?

  • robertreviewedLewis Automotive

    great price and service will use again

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