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Auto Reviews in the Baton Rouge Area

  • I am not sure why anyone would not realize, Owens may take a while lon... read more I am not sure why anyone would not realize, Owens may take a while longer, but they work for the customer, not the insurance company. The insurance company fights them to do it cheaply. Owens wants their customers for life. They want your car fixed right and to get paid by the insurance. They have fixed my cars for years. Have patience and know that team is fighting to make your car like it was before the accident. Great collision company!

  • I am shocked at how bad Owens Collision is!!! Not only did they not re... read more I am shocked at how bad Owens Collision is!!! Not only did they not repair my car right but it was like pulling teeth dealing with them. They had my car for over a month to do minnor repair that they told me in the begin would only take a week. After a week went by I called to find out what was up and why my car was not done. As soon as I asked whats the deal the woman on the phone, who is Greg's wife when in to total B*#*# mode and started talking down to me and saying that it was my fault it was taking long than they told me. I was speechless that instead of a straight answer or even a lame excuse they went straight to blaming me for their delay in fixing my car. At this point it had been over a week of being in the shop and I was told they had not even started to work on it, I was PISSED. I told them I was going to take my car back and bring it somewhere else. When I told them this the EVIL came out from Owens Collision. The witch lady on the phone said that I could pick up my car but I would have a charge of $500 "Holding Fee" the cost of the repair only $700!!! They had not even worked on my car at this point!!!! I was like NO thats crazy that I would have to pay them to lie to me and do nothing on my car. Then to top it off they told me that they were going to decline to do the work and that I had to pay the $500 fee before they would release my car to me. They pulled a dirty under handed move to just get money from me! I am a school teacher and I dont just have extra money just laying around. I had to borrow money from my parents to pay the stupid fee they imposed on me. Once getting it back I took my car to Champs on Siegen Lane and not only did they do the work in under a week they did it for less that Owens. After do some research it turns out that what Owens did was 100% legal and if I would of gotten a lawyer they could of got my car for them. But here is the kicker, Owens know that a lawyer would cost more than paying their "Fee". So Owens game i

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