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Auto Reviews in the New Orleans Area

  • AllysonreviewedFastint

    Fastint's owner, Pam Todaro's husband Russell Todaro Sr. of Marrero, L... read more Fastint's owner, Pam Todaro's husband Russell Todaro Sr. of Marrero, LA is claiming to be restoring early Ford Broncos in the New Orleans area. I bought a 1974 Ford Bronco from them and had Fastint (supposedly) make some upgrades. Russell Todaro Sr. is the lead mechanic at Fastint and didn't do the work we agreed on and that I paid for. The work they did do was poor to say the least. Russell Todaro Sr. claimed the vehicle was in working condition. I test drove it but this was my first Bronco, so I didn't know any better. I made the stupid mistake of purchasing it without having a mechanic look at it, but I was only in town for a short time. My only condition for purchase was that it was safe to drive to my mechanic. I only had to drive it 30 miles to my mechanic for a full review, but when I got the car, the breaks didn't work hardly at all and it was a mess. This I found out when I was driving. I took his word for this and he is totally full of BS. His word means nothing. The paint job they did at Fastint was horrible. It is cracking constantly now and leaves paint color residue whenever I dry it with a towel. They tried to replace some rust spots by screwing in the metal plates. I would stay away from them for any paint work, body work, and especially any early Ford Bronco or restoration work. When I asked him why he didn't do what he said he was going to do, he said it was not his problem. By that time, the car was already too far away and I wouldn't want him touching it again anyway. I finally got it fixed by real mechanics and I love it.

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