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Motorcycle Reviews in the Raynham Area

  • I went to Bettencourt Honda with an unusual running problem. The cycle... read more I went to Bettencourt Honda with an unusual running problem. The cycle was losing power at speed. Seemed to be fuel related. I did drain the carb before storing it for the winter. It was acting up before I stored it. They said they would start with a complete fuel system clean wth a carb rebuild, and would go from there.They charged me $200. The bike ran the same afterwards. When I questioned them, I was told that their techs refused to ride on it because the engine "sounded like it was going to blow up". Actually, it has sounded the same for the past 4 years and 20,000 miles. It is a one cylinder 200 cc engine, and the muffler was loud, not the engine. I guess their techs couldn't tell the difference. I called around and finally found a Yamaha dealer that would work on it. I took it to C&E Yamaha a long way away. They found the problem almost immediately. It was a clogged charcoal cannister. Bettencourt Honda said they would have checked the vapor cannister IF IT WAS A HONDA; but they don't do that on non-Hondas. The moral of the story is that Bettencourt Honda does not do a thorough job, don't verify their repairs, and don't stand behind their work. They have a 14 day guarantee on their work, but wouldn't help me after 10 minutes. I spoke to the service manager afterwards. He changed his story. Now he said that the reason they wouldn't ride the bike was because the tires (full tread in front, marginal tread in back) were dry-rotted (hairline cracks near the bead that you had to really bend the tire to see). There are better places to take your ride..

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