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Auto Reviews in the Joplin Area

  • CharlesreviewedNixons Garage

    visit relatives often. After giving them a try and discovering their u... read more visit relatives often. After giving them a try and discovering their unusual level of courtesy, knowledge, honesty, and ability, I utilize them whenever service or repairs are needed. They focus on what the vehicle needs and in my experience are cooperative in delaying nonessential needs per customer request. I have sat waiting for my vehicle and noted the manner of interaction with other customers and it is commensurate with my experience. I am at present preparing to transport a "dead" vehicle to Nixon, a two hour trip, because my experience with local mechanics is so poor. No, I am neither a friend nor relative, merely an older individual who is apparently more knowledgeable than the average "dealer trained" mechanic.

  • I got "sharped" by Sharps. Possibly the worst service I have ever gott... read more I got "sharped" by Sharps. Possibly the worst service I have ever gotten in my life. I went in there for a diagnosis and estimate and came out 6 months later with a 2000 dollar bill and a car that runs much worse than when I brought it in. First off, they ran a laundry list on all the things they found wrong with it. They seemed minor at that the time. I thought the bill would be under 400 bucks. They never called me. They never called. I had to call them to find out what was going on. Then he borrowed my towing rope to haul it back to the shop. Thats OK, he was saving money, I appreciate that, but it should have been his dime since he took responsibility for the repair. There it sat for another 10 weeks because he had to drive to Arkansas to find a wrecked car to find the part that it needed. The saga continues. After the first episode, he gave me a long lecture about the radiator fan and how important it was that one hears it running. I appreciate that, I am not a car person. Only when I got the car back, guess what? The radiator fan was not running. After the second visit, he told me he had replaced the radiator hoses. Guess what? The first problem I have is a blow radiator hose. I don't know whether or not we are dealing with incompetency or just plain crookedness. The shop itself is beautiful tidy and need. I guess they need to make a good impression when you go in there so its easier for them to "sharp" you. I specifically asked him to fix the heater. Guess what? It is not fixed. These are the obvious things. What did I pay him for. I went in to get the shifter fixed. That miraculously got fixed. Only they charged me more than 5 shop hours to do it. I got the impression originally that it was a one hour job and 20 bearing replacement kit. Not a chance. I could go on and on. All I can say is beware of sharp infested waters. I rate them one star because there is no lower rating.

  • Horrible Horrible place to take a vehicle if you want it repaired. ... read more Horrible Horrible place to take a vehicle if you want it repaired. Had my vehicle hostage almost 6 weeks. and STILL not fixed. It's worse than when I took it in. Was told it was a 7 hours job and cost over $500 for the worst mechanic in the history of mechanics to screw up my car. During the 6 weeks i called and went by numerous times and was told it wold be ready the next day. 80% of my calls weren't answered and was not open when i went by. the car was on the rack and apart for several days so i couldn't just pick it up with out paying for a tow. when it was finally ready on the way home the check engine light came on and it stalled out. When I went back to get back the overcharge that was made (by over $50) told Bill what happened and he said bring it back and they would take a look. LIKE HELL.. they will never touch the vehicle again and if I hadn't paid cash like an idiot I would stop the charge . NEVER NEVER NEVER USE THIS RINKY DINK SHOP.

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