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Truck Reviews in the Concord Area

  • Our Food Truck Dan Good Que Accredited member of the BBB (A+ Rating) d... read more Our Food Truck Dan Good Que Accredited member of the BBB (A+ Rating) disputes charges from Fleet Truck Service BBB (F Rating) Fraud and Over billing Our Food Truck is Dan Good Que, Charlotte, NC. Jane and I built our truck for our retirement to serve others in need and make a difference in our community. Purchased a used Mac Tool Truck. 1998 Workhorse. Modified the inside with flooring, electricity, walls, lights, plumbing, appliances, service window and more. 2017 we opened and quickly built a business. Festivals, breweries, Block parties, Wedding Receptions. We donated our time to give to The Red Cross, Parkinson Foundation, Schools, and more. February 2019: Knowing the Truck was used. We kept an eye on the oil and temperature gauges. When the oil and water mixed. It was time to repair the heads. Enter Fleet Truck Service. They sent off heads, then stated new ones were available in Wisconsin. Arrived without springs. Sent off new heads to have modified to fit our truck. Fleet Truck stated the heads will not work with your motor. Refused to take responsibility for their actions. Forced to purchase a remanufactured Jasper Engine at a cost of $14,000.00 plus. In April 2019 the transmission failed.$4,000.00. Since Feb. 2019 to 1/15/2021 Fleet Truck Service has been responsible for 2 new motors, 3 Transmissions and all related labor costs. Never once accepting any responsibility. Forward to August 2020. Transmission failed. Our complaint includes blatant overcharges, written warranty refusals, and altering copies of invoices not reflected on receipts at the time of payment. COMPLAINT DETAILS: All information is documented in writing by Fleet Truck Service. Fleet Truck Service invoice # 251776 August 21, 2020. Replaced 2nd transmission with warranty for cost of $7,166.67. "ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR 90 DAYS/ 4,000 MILES. Fleet did not record mileage on receipt. Their invoice # 581497 dated 6/22/2020 recorded mileage 220896. Fleet Truck Service Invoice # 582089 dated 11/6/2020 recorded mileage 223098. (2,912 miles recorded) October 17, 2020 Bradley Truck Service towed our vehicle stating on invoice # 260941 picked up unit for tow due to transmission broken in half. All information is provided by Fleet Truck Service written invoices. Less than 90 days and less than 4,000 miles is a fact. Warranty NOT honored. Fleet Truck Service refused to honor their contract with Dan Good Que. Attempted to have our firm sue Jasper Engines for damages. After hiring attorney and working with Jasper Engines it was deemed there was no fault on their part. Jasper provided replacement engine and transmission for $2,500.00 Fleet truck refused to accept responsibility. Line item includes lost wages from 10/17/2020 to 1/15/2021. Fleet Truck Service Refund for Invoice 58209. $8,912.51 provides information of additional charges not warranted due to lack of honoring the 90 Days/ 4,000 miles Warranty. Fleet Truck Service has provided copies of invoices requested by Dan Good Que. 1/19/2021. Their copies dating back to 2/22/2019 have been altered removing dates, mileage, and overcharges. Our signed receipts prove Fleet Truck Service has done so. Additional charges and Invoices may be a result of their actions. All documentations upon request provides detailed information caused by Fleet Truck Service.

  • Run away. Deceptive buisness practices. 0 stars. Incompetent managemen... read more Run away. Deceptive buisness practices. 0 stars. Incompetent management.

  • everyone friendly. fast and good price

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