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Auto Reviews in the Kinston Area

  • Had Kings transmission of Snow Hill NC rebuild my transmission on refe... read more Had Kings transmission of Snow Hill NC rebuild my transmission on referral from a friend. When Carl came to pick up the truck I told him I didn't want a transmission from another vehicle put in my truck, as the typically do, I wanted mine rebuilt and he could have the truck as long as he needed to do that as I have another vehicle to drive. He said he would do that, FIRST LIE. When I went to pick up the truck and asked him to see the broken parts he couldn't fine them. In fact he said " they probably already got shipped back to the company as they want to see the old part," SECOND LIE. Why would they want to see my parts and not all the other parts he had lying around? Took the truck home and when I drive it in town or my neighborhood it BANG shifts. This is not right so I took it back and left it with them. They called me up to pick it up and Carl and I took it out for a ride. With Carl driving he took off fast and hard and it shifted fine. I explained it only BANG shifts when your in town or in a neighborhood where you have to accelerate slowly. He said it was OK, THIRD LIE, it's not. Took it back a couple weeks later and he said it was the transfer case that was the problem. Since the truck has some miles on it I agreed as I figured the clutches and chain could use replacing. Got the truck back with the transfer case rebuilt and it whined so bad you could hear it over the radio. Took it back and they replaced it, probably with the original. Trans still shifted bad. Took it back for a bad vibration in the drive line an Carl called me to tell me it was the transfer case causing the vibration. When I told him they had just rebuilt it he changed and said it was a bad U joint. Took it back again and they said there could find nothing wrong with the transmission shifting. So now the warranty is off and I have a transmission that shifts so hard it rocks the vehicle. I spent 20 years in the early part of my life working on vehicles and have rebuilt many GM and Ford transmissions and never have I had one shift like this. I have put shift kits in transmissions for drag racing and never had a transmission shift like mine does. Bottom line I would NOT and DO NOT recommend Kings Transmission. My transmission is not right and they refuse to fix it because it's on their dime.

  • As you can tell from the headline, I consider my car my baby. It is a... read more As you can tell from the headline, I consider my car my baby. It is an old girl, but I love it. My 2001 Chevy Malibu just wasn't running right. She was really showing her age. I took it a few places in Goldsboro, but no one could seem to figure out what was wrong. Either that or they didn't want to mess with it. I saw a flyer for AutoStar and decided to take one last shot before I had to bite the bullet and trade her in. I'm really glad I did because the people at AutoStar were great! Apparently I had some sort of electrical issue that was causing all the problems. Jesse checked it out for me and gave me an estimate the same afternoon. Not only were they able to keep me in my car, but they didn't break the bank either! Go see them today! I'm will not be going anywhere else for any of my car needs!

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