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Auto Reviews in the Forked River Area

  • CarolreviewedLacey Collision

    Back in February, my daughter's car was hit in a parking lot and of co... read more Back in February, my daughter's car was hit in a parking lot and of course, the person took off. She had just gotten the car 12 hours before to replace the car she totaled in an accident. My husband and I were looking for an auto body shop that was open on a Saturday to get an estimate. Lacey Collision was the only one in the area that was. Lucky for us! They gave us an estimate (a few thousand dollars) that we opted to pay out of pocket since she just had an accident and we didn't want our rates to skyrocket with the insurance company. They had her car for a little over a week, in which time she was using my car. During that time, a deer ran into the back side panel of my car while she was driving. Thankfully that makes 3 accidents so she should be good! There was really little damage other than the clips that held the bumper on. So I decided to ignore it until my daughter used my car to move. She told me that the bumper was pretty much flapping in the wind. I took it to Lacey Collision to get an estimate with a knot in my stomach. How much more could we afford to put out for this initial accident? They looked at my car, asked if I had a few minutes and gave me my car back all fixed! When I asked how much I owed, I was told nothing! I will certainly be back if (hopefully not too soon) we are in need of another body shop!

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