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Truck Reviews in the Piscataway Area

  • The genesis of my complaint begun on October 28, 2018 when the BMW SUV... read more The genesis of my complaint begun on October 28, 2018 when the BMW SUV owned by Mr. Albert xxxx and driven by his wife smashed into my car, a 2004 Toyota Camry, as I pulling into a parking spot. Mr. xxx prevailed on me to seek the good services of his friend’s car repair shop, 2 in 1 Auto Shop, on 1800 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, in lieu of seeking a police report. He represented that his friend’s car repair shop will give me discounted repair rates and offered to assist in the repair costs. He also claimed to own a leasing car company and could get me good deals if need be. I had driven my car to that shop the next morning, on October 29th, after changing the wheel the night before, and barely being able to drive it. The shop contacted me that afternoon and told me that the car has extensive damage and not worth fixing. He said that driving it is risky as the front driver side wheel might come off due to the impact of the crash. He further stated that there would be no diagnostic fees or any fees to pay, as Mr. xxx was his friend. I came into the shop after work and decided to ask whether I could leave the car over- night instead. I was afraid to drive it and planned to have it towed the next day. I asked for permission to leave the car on their property. I had no idea that the shop charges fees for over- night stay. The owner consented and said there would be no problems as Albert is their friend. I asked for a written assessment at that point. The written assessed cost of repairing my car was between $2665- $2990. After receiving this assessment, I contacted Mr. xxxx requesting that he share in the damages. Mr. xxxx then refused, claiming that he suffered damage too, and that he was not at fault. Realizing that Mr. xxxx will not share in any of the damages I incurred, I proceeded to call my Insurance carrier to try to recoup my damages from his carrier. The next morning, October 30th, when I came to the shop to pick up my car, I was told by the owners there were fees to pay. Stunned, I asked, “what fees?” “you said yesterday that leaving my car will not be a problem;” to which he responded, “this was before you called the Insurance carrier, and now that you called them, collect the fees from them.” The Car Repair Shop, 2 in 1, refused to release the car to me unless I paid this exuberant cost of over- night storage. Initially they requested $550 but the owner’s father reduced the price to $337.51 and promised credit for the amount- if I do body work on the car for $1,000 at their place. Shameful mobsters

  • What an outstanding, ideal, model mechanic and business! After much... read more What an outstanding, ideal, model mechanic and business! After much research and speaking with several mechanics and repair techs, I found Walko Automotive to be the best solution to my bad hybrid battery. Walko Automotive helped replace my 2007 Toyota Prius battery in less than 2 hrs for THE MOST reasonable price. They offered a two year warranty and with their already outstanding business history, Master Tech certifications with hybrid vehicles (and any vehicle really), and a positive, family-oriented atmosphere, they were sure to deliver in every way you would expect the best and most trustworthy mechanic should. Thanks to Andy, Kyle, Diana and the rest of your team involved in helping solve this issue. You all have my business for life! :D :D :D -Julian Jenkins

  • Car repairs are scary. Cost, integrity of the mechanic, length of tim... read more Car repairs are scary. Cost, integrity of the mechanic, length of time you will be without your vehicle, and always in the back of your mind "what else will go wrong?" I knew our vehicle, our only family vehicle, needed extensive and costly repair work done and I was nervous. I called Walko after hearing great reviews. From the initial call, I knew I had called the right place. Diane was kind, helpful and polite. Kyle was just, well, amazing. He checked the car over (right down to the lightbulbs that go around our license plate) and called me back within an hour to review. He gave me the prioritized list of what needed to be done, and what could wait as well as an timeline for completion. The estimate was extremely reasonable considering the extensive repair that needed to take place. We secured a rental vehicle for the needed amount of time and gave the go ahead. They completed all the work right on time, and it came in under the estimate! The integrity, honest and forthright business practices, as well as their kind and friendly attitudes is a refreshing change from other experiences I have had with auto repair. Without a doubt, any vehicle we own will be serviced by Walko. Thank you all so much for such a great experience! Krista Reid

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