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Auto Reviews in the Rio Rancho Area

  • I was in an accident and took my Jeep to get fixed. Everything was go... read more I was in an accident and took my Jeep to get fixed. Everything was going smooth at first they were able to repair the cosmetic damages and called me to pick up my vehicle. When I picked it up everything seemed fine, until I drove the Jeep and noticed that it was very shaky. I called the shop and they had me take the Jeep in so they could take a look at it again, so I did and was without my vehicle for another week. I picked up my Jeep when it was ready for the second time, but it was still shaking when I got up to 60 mph and the wheel where the impact hit was still about 1/2" off center. Long story short, after having to take the vehicle back and forth about 4 times I had to take it to another body shop where the owner and his son told me that they would cover the costs if the other shop found anything wrong. The other shop "El Compa" was able to fully fix the Jeep, but when it came time to pay Reflective would not cover the costs because the insurance would not take a secondary supplement due to already paying for the frame work. This is not the way to do business, they received payment for the work the first time which they did not do, and would not eat the price that the other shop charged because the insurance would not cover it. I would recommend reflective for cosmetic fixes they did a great job with my brother's bumper and the cosmetic aspect, but in the words of the owner's son "at the end of the day we aren't mechanics." Please avoid yourself a headache if your vehicle needs anything more than cosmetic fixes or paint. Due to their poor business practices, I am out $800 for an accident in which I was the victim.

  • ThomasreviewedUniversity VW Mazda

    My TDI Sportswagen had a bizarre issue that stumped everyone. Univers... read more My TDI Sportswagen had a bizarre issue that stumped everyone. University VW's service team committed themselves to resolving the problem, going as far as bringing in assistance from VW America. In the end they diagnosed the issue and resolved the problem. Their commitment exemplifies customer care at its finest.

  • ReneereviewedWayne's Automotive

    In mid-October, my truck wouldn't start and I had it towed to Wayne's.... read more In mid-October, my truck wouldn't start and I had it towed to Wayne's. He'd done work on it in the past and always seemed fair and good. The truck was looked over and I was given an estimate for numerous items that needed attention. Service was prompt and seemed alright on the surface. The truck was not leaking oil prior to being serviced in October. Since then, I have a huge oil stain on my garage floor, and even smelled burning oil while driving about a week after having the services done... $520 later. Today I returned to have it checked out. I'm now being told the valve cover gaskets are leaking, and the transfer case is leaking heavily. They were unable to provide me an estimate while there, instead telling me I need to return another time to have an accurate estimate done (across town, mind you). I'm not clearly understanding the attempted explanation as to why this wasn't occurring before they performed the work and oil change, and/or why it wasn't noticed when they did diagnostics on the truck to begin with. Bottom line, I no longer feel they stand behind their work and truly feel like I'm being taken advantage of... seems they just want MORE money! I will not be returning to Wayne's ever, and I don't recommend them to anyone else at this point!

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