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Auto Reviews in the Patchogue Area

  • This shop doesn't know how to do a proper and correct diagnosis, if th... read more This shop doesn't know how to do a proper and correct diagnosis, if they did I would've known about my engine mount on november 26th causing the forward front noise I came into the shop saying I had. When I got my diagnosis in November it didn't have the engine mount job and instead claimed my right front strut was noisy along with other jobs I needed to get fixed. This guy gene also called me saying how the struts looked recently new and if I had warranty to fix them and I said yeah. I didn't do any fixes yet until 3-4 weeks later because it would've been thousands of dollars to do all the fixes on the diagnostic I got from this shop. The first fix I did was on December 21st and I bought a new set of struts myself and went to mavis to have them installed because Gene's shop would've charged me $900 to do whole new both front struts when they claimed my front right top strut was the only bad one so I saved money and went to mavis tire. When mavis did my strut installation the mechanic that did it noticed a noise after just putting in the new set of struts I gave them when he just went to park my car in the lot. He took it back in the shop and told me my passenger side axle was bad and was causing the noise. Mind you I didn't pay this shop for a diagnostic and the mechanic took it upon himself to take a second look at my car after just doing my struts and took it back in the shop and claimed it was my axles. So the next day I take my car to Gene auto to do a $2,110 repair job consisting of different things which was everything except my passenger axle, a tune up, coolant service, and struts which I did the previous day and found after putting in my new struts THAT THE STRUTS WERENT THE CAUSE OF ANY NOISE COMING FROM MY CAR AS I DROVE MY CAR BEFORE AND AFTER PUTTING IN ANOTHER NEW SET OF STRUTS UNDER THE RECOMMENDATION OF GENES AUTO SHOP DIAGNOSTIC THAT CLAIMED MY PASSENGER RIGHT SIDE STRUT TOPS WAS NOISY. So after they called me after doing $2,110 in repairs letting me know my car was ready they didn't say anything on the phone about my car and when I went in and paid all that was discussed was "catching up" in repairs with my car but no reminder of my passenger side axle that was still bad and the boot was torn leaking oil or that I still had the exact same noise coming from the exact same passenger side when I hit things on the road "THE FORWARD NOISE GENE". They just let me pay all that money and didn't print anything out of jobs I had left to do with my car or no warning that I had a noise coming from my car that you still heard when driving. LITERALLY A FEW MINUTES AFTER TAKING MY CAR FROM THIS MECHANIC SHOP AND PAYING $2,110 AND THEM NOT SAYING ANYTHING TO ME ABOUT MY CARS CONDITION I NOTICED AFTER HITTING FIRST BUMP ON THE ROAD THE EXACT SAME NOISE I WAS HAVING ISSUES WITH AND ASKED TO BE DIAGNOSED IN NOVEMBER. Now here's where it gets messy and confusing. I call gene shop a few minutes after noticing this noise was still here and gene didn't know the cause until he called his mechanic over that worked on my car. When he did that his mechanic claimed that it was my struts that was still giving the noise. I knew there was no way at all that it was my struts and denied it was telling them over the phone I DID MY STRUTS THE PREVIOUS DAY AND IT WASN'T THE CAUSE OF THE NOISE. IF YOU ARE READING THIS GENE REMEMBER THIS WEEK I DID THE $2,110 AND I CALLED YOU AFTER YOU DID ALL THAT WORK TELLING YOU I DID MY STRUTS AND THAT IT WASNT THE CAUSE OF THE NOISE THE DAY BEFORE. SO YOU CAN KEEP TRYING TO ACT DUMB AND THINK THAT AN ENGINE MOUNT PROBLEM CAME OUTTA NOWHERE IN THE 3-4 WEEKS BETWEEN THE DIAGNOSTIC YOU DID AND COMING IN TO FIX MY CAR FOR THE FIRST $2,110 REPAIR I DID. After I denied it was my struts it then they said something about maybe the new struts I put in weren't good or if something was wrong with them lol. But he said he would take a look at my car again the following Tuesday when I come to do my inspection sticker. My main problem was at this point because why couldn't you tell me or look at my car properly when you guys did the $2,110 job that Friday and let me know about the noise or about my axle that was right there. They didn't say anything until I had to call them complaining that this noise was still here. If they did a test drive they would've noticed it and said something like mavis did. So I was under the impression going into this Tuesday that this noise had to be coming from my axle because I fixed everything on Gene's diagnostic at this point they didn't find an engine mount problem and mavis also was claiming my axle wasnt in good condition and its where the noise was coming from. I cannot discredit mavis for getting the noise issue wrong because I DID NOT PAY THEM FOR A DIAGNOSTIC AND I CAME INTO GENES AUTO SHOP IN NOVEMBER BEFORE DOING ANY FIXES COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS PASSENGER SIDE NOISE THAT THE STRUTS DIDNT FIX. So when I come back on that December 26th to find out why my car still has this exact same noise that I paid money to find out what it is they all of a sudden now find that it's my engine mount. The issue with this is when I came back after all that time my engine mount got worse and it was now causing a secondary noise which was the reverse noise. When me and gene took a cruise around the block in my car he could still hear the exact same noise when we hit bumps, potholes that I was hearing the whole time I been driving my car although he was driving like a granny to probably not show the full extent to how my car was sounding when your actually driving it. If you ever drove a Toyota corolla you know you hear everything on the road. My issue is on that Tuesday gene and his auto shop refused to take actual accountability and responsibility and tell me straight up that they misdiagnosed my car and that my engine mount was missed in the November diagnostic. Instead gene chose to BS and lie and say that the issue wasn't there in November. The issue with this Lie is that this noise was the exact same noise from November to January 19th that I asked to find out the cause and wanted to get fixed since then. The secondary noise which came from reversing and very recently when I started my car up you would hear this bad vibration noise coming from the mount but that didn't come till the week of December 22nd. The first noise was always there and was finally fixed when I did my car's engine mount on January 19th and i paid for this diagnostic on November 24th. The secondary noise was also fixed when I did my engine mount. For GENE and this shop to claim that my struts was causing some imaginary noise when it wasn't because I'm the person who uses and drives my car everyday and saw no difference when I put in another new set of struts in less than a year. I came out of mavis with the exact same noise. I waited till doing the $2,110 repair and came out of Gene's shop with the exact same noise. They didn't say anything when I got my car back. Had to call them. Had to then wait days after paying $2,000 to find out this engine mount problem that came outta nowhere. Gene couldn't even tell me if the engine mount was causing the first noise problem since finding the engine mount to doing the engine mount repair fix. And yall have the audacity to think yall deserve for me to take my review down or change it when yall can't even take actual accountability for not finding the correct problem. If you go online you see how easy it is for these garbage mechanic shops to misdiagnose engine mount problems and have people paying hundreds and thousands of dollars until going to the right mechanic or until these mechanics grow a brain and figure out to look at a car's engine mount. To tell the customer that the problem wasn't there when there was only a 3-4 week time difference from saving up money to do the repairs and having the exact same noise problem throught which was the FIRST NOISE YOU COULD NEVER CLAIM to know which part was causing it like im stupid.i should've went to another mechanic shop to do my engine mount and given them my hard earned money instead of wasting my money with this garbage mechanic shop that can't even take accountability for a clear misdiagnosis. It took this mechanic shop until having my car on the 3rd time to finally find this engine mount problem. And once they did gene was sitting there trying to offer me half off on the job. Now if you felt that you didn't do anything wrong or whatever you wouldn't of offered me anything. But instead you wanted to tear down mavis, boast about how much mechanic experience you have and how long you've been doing it but what it all came down to was you guys false claiming my struts was noisy, not doing a proper diagnosis to find out that the engine mount was causing my forward front noise hitting potholes and bumps on the road, that first noise getting worse and then turning into the secondary reverse noise which also comes from a bad engine mount and driving on it for awhile because i didn't know my engine mount was bad since November going into December. So it's clear as day I wasted my money doing my struts which thank god I didn't go to Gene's shop and waste my money doing $900 strut job and then realizing it fixed nothing lmao. And I know if I did my struts and it did nothing gene and his shop wouldn't of test drove it to see if the noise was still there like they did when I did my $2,110 repair job. So long story short I do my axle job right after because I trusted doing that before a newer diagnosis of something that should've been found before and they should've told me the correct thing which was a oops my bad we messed up and misdiagnosed. But they did the opposite and denied making any mistake or that my engine mount was ever a problem when the forward noise that got fixed with the engine mount was the noise I came into there shop at the end of November saying was there and I wanted to know what it was. It shouldn't take spending $2,000-$3,000 to finally find the correct part that was causing the issue and then trying to get your customer to pay another $700-800 after paying $2,000 just days ago when you didn't find the correct part causing the issue. My suggestion is to do better diagnostic work next time and be upfront honest and transparent to your customers and maybe next time you show another repair job to your customer they will believe you next time to fix something. Instead you want to deny and act like the problem wasn't there when that makes no sense because I still had the consistent front noise for months since coming there in November. Your an idiot gene if you go to bed believing you correctly diagnosed my car in November thinking any issues or noise was coming from my struts. IM THE OWNER AND DRIVER OF MY CAR AND IM TELLING YOU DOING MY STRUTS DID NOTHING AND THAT ONCE I DID MY ENGINE MOUNT IT WAS EASY TO SEE THE MISTAKE AND LIES YOU TRIED TO HAVE ME BELIEVE. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE A NOISE PROBLEM DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP FOR A DIAGNOSTIC. IF YOU VALUE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND WANT TO GET THE CORRECT THINGS FIXED AND NOT WASTE A BUNCH OF MONEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. And the audacity to sit there and expect me to change my review when you couldn't give me the half off originally offered for your mess up or even take accountability that it was a misdiagnosis is insane to me. I spent about $3,000 and I will never be returning back here again and will suggest any of you reading this to not get a diagnostic done at this shop.

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