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  • RichreviewedMidas Philadelphia

    I posted on their site 2 weeks ago and it still has not shown up. I gu... read more I posted on their site 2 weeks ago and it still has not shown up. I guess they only post good reviews. Anyway, I had brakes installed 11,000 miles ago and noticed that the rotors were scratched. Rotors they were supposed to put on new. They looked at the vehicle and told me that the I needed new brakes and rotors. They claimed the brakes were down to 2/32. Even though the brake pads were under the lifetime warranty, they wanted to charge me more that I had paid previously. They stated the rotors would cost more because they don't stock the inexpensive rotors anymore. ummmm....they don't stock any parts. They call and have them delivered by an auto parts store. Anyway, I took the truck to the dealer where they inspected the brakes and told me I had 6/32 on the brake pads and they would last at least another 8 months. Midas also said they replaced the wipers but 4 months later, they were falling apart. I doubt if they were ever replaced. I will never go back there.

  • BarbarareviewedSunoco INC

    Sunoco, Inc.'s spilled oil into the yards of homes and left it to migr... read more Sunoco, Inc.'s spilled oil into the yards of homes and left it to migrate into basements at 2205 W. 11th home of Fannie Penn and 2207 W. 11th owned by Barbara Harris. Then agreed to conduct Act II site remediation but chose to purchase a fake release from Mulrey & Creswell Environmential's Martin Lieberharedt he a robert Canton of Excel Landscaping who handled all work at the site admitted in Deposition neither tested nor removed any soil from the basements the oil migrated in the case of Harris vs. Sunoco, Inc. and Mulry & Cresswel Environmental. Judge James Proud awarded Sunoco Sanctions preventing presentation of evidence of said Depositions/admitted guilt and a Summary Judgement without a hearing on the Sanction nor Summary Judgement which is criminal. Police Detective Merritt Herman and 2 other inspectors place on preliminary inspection reports given Chester Township Board of direcrors solicitor Steven Polah the oil and fumes were found still rising from a 2001 oil spill that filled those basements. Mr. Polah requested PA DEP not honor the owner Barbara Mayo Harris' request to test the soil and ground water under the homes in the 2200 block of W. 11th due to said finding. Then took adverse possession of 2207 W. 11th which inspectors found the oil and fumes still rising an used Community Block Developement funds to destroy visible evidence of environmental fraud and ongoing danger to the health and safety of minority residents August 2012. Sunoco, Inc. then decided in 2013 to pack up their Philadelphia office at 17th and M \\\arket St. and move more than one Hundred attorneys to Newtown Square Delaware county, closer to the Media Court House where they were able to prevent a trial during 7 years of litigation despite their 2 agents admitted guiilt. Recently the tenant in the home of the dead victim in 2205 W. 11th stated she could smell the fumes coming out of the ground when they demolished the attached twin home. The fumes from the number 2 fuel oil Sunoco spilled destroy body cells the liver, kidney, sense of smell, memory, cause leukemia and death. It took 5 years and 27 days for the fumes to kill Mrs. Penn who had no money to leave her toxic home vacant. How long do you think it will take to kill the tenant in that home that was told it is safe without any proof Sunoco, Inc. and its insurer ACE Insurance/ESIS received a DEP Sign off for Christopher Middleton's truck release of oil and Mulry & Creswell's so called release. Request Excel Landscaping's Robert Cantons bill paid by Ace Insurance which David Becker provided with this job is not finished removed and Ace paying 2 men 2 hours to watch oil being pumped out of my basement after soil samples were taken out of my yard for oil in 2 basements. Does Ace Insurance or Sunoco, inc. care about the death of one resident and the lives of the little girls in the home on the left or the tenant in the toxic home or the senior citizen in the home on the right? Do they care the oil reached ground water in January of 2001 and was found to be still rising a decade latter. Fourteen years of personal vendettas to destroy the owner Barbara Mayo Harris financially and her home with visible evidence of ongoing enviroNmental danger to residents for refusing to accept Sunoco, Inc's Hush money. They canceled Depositions of responding Chester Township Police, PECO and all Sunoco, Inc. employees who handle their truck release of oil. Responding Chester Township Police report of the failed to report Mrs. Penn identified Sunoco as the spiller of the oil from its truck nor that they found the oil still rising a decade later in the basement of 2207 W. 11th.The home that wore plastic oil on its roof line and writing waring residents of said ongoing danger/oil and fumes that never stopped rising in the basement of these home since the death of the owner of 2205 W. 11th from said fumes. Google 2207 W. 11th and stool back to the year 2007 to see the oil on the roof. How many years doe a black woman have to report environmental fraud to PA DEP, EPA the Justice DEpartment, the Governor and Attorney General and politicians of Pennsylvania and Delaware County for verification of Sunoco's DEP sign off, Act II SITE REMEDIATION AND FAILURE OF THE POLICE AND COURTS TO HOLD SUNOCO, INC.AND ACE INSURANCE RESPONSIBLE FOR MURBER AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRAUD.

  • Shady business don't trust or buy if you know what's good for you deri... read more Shady business don't trust or buy if you know what's good for you deric d is the shadiest man in the tri state area you've been warned

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