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Auto Reviews in the Pottstown Area

  • LenreviewedBimmerworks

    Brought car in for annual state inspection and whatever else it might ... read more Brought car in for annual state inspection and whatever else it might need, including an oil and filter change. That turned out to also include replacing the spark plugs and also flushing the power steering fluid, all items that used to be simple but now add up to $700 on my little 335xi. Oh well, with a long inline 6 hiding the two rear cylinders changing the plugs (necessary every 45k miles) is no picnic I'm sure. It's the price of admission for driving these things. I must add though that keeping up with this stuff is absolutely necessary to keep a Bimmer running like, well, a Bimmer. I swear the car feels like it has 50 more HP; it zings up the tach with what is clearly less effort than before and climbs hills with less pedal position, all because of new plugs and an oil change! Or perhaps it's because Steve Snow sprinkles some of that Bimmerworks magic on the car just for taking it there. Whatever, the car runs great and I know I'm taking it to BMW experts without financing some fancy dealership's latest addition. If you drive a Bimmer, and live within 35 miles of this place, you should seriously consider taking it here for service. -Len Dube

  • Great shop! Had a clutch/pressure plate/flywheel done on my 350z. Work... read more Great shop! Had a clutch/pressure plate/flywheel done on my 350z. Work was done quickly, correctly, and for the amount that was quoted. Evan,who is an awesome mechanic/technician,took care of some exhaust clearance issues (car is lowered)"since I had to remove the pipes anyway". Always appreciate how they go the extra mile to do things right, and taking care of you. My son had his clutch and aftermarket exhaust done here as well. Evan, fixed an issue caused by poor work at another shop, and did a great job installing the entire system. The pies exit the rear end of my Son's Evo perfectly. They are exactly the same height and the exit angles are perfect. Clutch was done earlier,great job on an all wheel drive that pretty much has you taking half the front end of the car off to get to the clutch. I would highly recommend Redline to anyone who want to take their vehicle to an honest owner (Erik)who charges very fair prices, and employs some really talented people on his staff. Your car is always in and out quicker than anywhere else I know. We have 6 vehicles in our household, and if we don't do the job ourselves, the only shop they are going to is Redline.

  • GregreviewedHubers Auto Group

    Was searching for a 2012 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI online and saw Huber'... read more Was searching for a 2012 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI online and saw Huber's listed on the USAA and Carguru websites. Only problem was it was almost 2 hours away! The car's pictures, description and detail on the website made me give them a call. Eric Reder filled me in on the details over the phone and stressed how much work they put into the car before putting it on the lot. I was surprised to hear that because the car only had 36,000 miles on it! He also said that the car looks better in person than in pictures (he was right!). I drove out and met with Eric Huber and immediately hit it off with him- we are both VW guys. The car looked showroom condition (my wife said several times she can't believe its not new) but Huber's went over the car and performed all of the 40,000 mile services on it. The car is only at 36,000 miles! The point is, I think they could have just vacuumed it, washed it, put 2 tires on it and put it for sale, but Eric explained that most of his customers come there for follow up service and if I came back for the next oil change at 40,000 miles and he hit me with VW's recommended 40,000 mile service charge, I would undoubtedly be P.O'd since I just bought the car. And he's right. Eric showed me the list of all the work performed and gave me a copy for my records. Very impressed with that kind of thinking. Huber's is a full service car repair facility that also sells high quality used cars and they put good cars on the lot to keep their customers happy so they'll come back for service. Worked out well for me!

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