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Auto Reviews in the Rock Hill Area

  • KeyannareviewedABRA Auto Body & Glass

    I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated. This place had my car for... read more I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated. This place had my car for about a month before I ever got it back; which I, as well as others, found it strange that my car was even gone for as long as it was. When I did get it back, I didn't even feel comfortable driving it. There were spider webs all throughout the interior of my vehicle and I found 2 HUGE spiders. I don't know if they've laid eggs. I don't even know if there are more in hiding that I can't see yet. One of which, I found directly ABOVE MY HEAD, attached to the ceiling in a bed of webs. The other spider was in the back, behind the passenger's seat. It is insane and ridiculous. Not only do I not feel comfortable in my own car, but there's NO way anyone would even want to sit in the back of it because of how bad it is. Mind you, my car is pretty much brand new. I was rear ended by a huge truck about a few weeks after buying it. My interior was very nice and clean prior to taking it to Abra to be fixed. I don't know if they left my windows down in their shop or what. But there is no good reason that my car should've been delivered to me looking like that on the inside. Other people agree with me and were absolutely appalled when I told them what I experienced. I tried emailing Katheryn Richmond about my concerns TWICE, but received no response. When I called, I had to talk to someone else because she wasn't there. And when I expressed my disappointment to this woman, it sounded like she had this stale, careless attitude. There was no "Ma'am, I am so sorry. We didn't mean for that to happen. How can we fix this? Etc., etc." No apology. No sign of care or concern for me as a customer. Today I had to take my car to a car wash to have the inside cleaned out really well and to have the spiders and webs removed, because I can't not drive my own car. I have places to go and things to do. Oh, and who had to pay out of pocket for that? ME. I don't deserve that at all. That is money I shouldn't have had to spend. I will never come here again. I will never recommend this place to anyone. I'm a blogger and YouTuber as well, so my reach and influence goes farther beyond just friends and family. What a shame.

  • Broderick reviewedBinswanger Glass

    Thanks alot they guys did a great job

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