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Recent Reviews in the Arlington Area
  • NEVER TRUST THIS SHOP ! Yes it has taken me too long to review,bee... read more NEVER TRUST THIS SHOP ! Yes it has taken me too long to review,been over a year but I dealt with owner so nothing probably has changed and better late than never right? So I had run across this company in my bookmarks and remembered how I was taken advantage of and I thought I should at least comment. My car engine had begun making a clacking noise & I was told by friends that it sounded like engine lifter noise. I stopped in Tberrys and told him by worry and let him listen to my engine. But of course it must be left for 2 days (which turned in 8 days) just to be able to give me proper diagnosis.Of course I was told the "how I will be taken care of" lies, and "good service and reasonable rates" promises. So I rented a car and I left my car with Tberrys, again note it was supposed to be only 2-3 days max, turned in 8 days, thus costing me a lot more for car rental. Long story short, after several hundred dollars spent in just diagnostic labor charges, which included BS charges such as using his "data base fee" was spent. In the end I was told I had bad lifters and best recommendation is to put in new engine or rebuild mine to the tune of several thousand dollars of course. Of course I couldn't afford that, I left all stressed out,I did not have that kind of money. Luckily I didn't have the money and believed him, because Guess What, It did not have lifter problems at all!! The only problem I had was I stopped using Premium Gas a couple years ago. Shortly after returning to the better gas, LOW AND BEHOLD NO MORE NOISE ...IMAGINE THAT ??!!!! (I will add additional issues as soon as I can, I want to find my paperwork so I get the rest of the rip off correct)

  • I'm new to the area, so finding a good, honest and reliable mechanic w... read more I'm new to the area, so finding a good, honest and reliable mechanic was important to me. I drive a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that's pushing 200K and I want 200 more out of it. My a/c started blowing warm and a burning smell was coming in the vehicle, fortunately I was only a couple minutes from home. Next day started the car and an awful squealing sound started, I had the hood up and was able to see the serpentine belt was not moving. I called Tberry's at 10am, Scott gave a best/worst case scenario over the phone based on my description and even offered a work around if I wanted to bypass the a/c if that repair was not in my budget. I opted for the repair because it seemed like a straightforward diagnosis, there was no hemming and hawing about what things might be, so that gave me confidence in his abilities and the offer to do a work around showed me that his goal was to get me running again within my budget. He came to my house, confirmed his diagnosis, went back for a compressor and refrigerant and was back the same afternoon and made the repair. As I said, I want to keep this Jeep rolling and as he waited for the vacuuming of the system, he pointed out some maintenance items that would need attention in the future. I appreciated him taking the time to look things over and give me advice on what items would need priority. I would recommend this company to anyone!!!

  • StevereviewedDFW Bimmer

    From the first time I went to DFW Bimmer I was impressed. I previously... read more From the first time I went to DFW Bimmer I was impressed. I previously went to the dealership and other indy shops and hated them. I always felt like I was overcharged and waited at least 2-3 days to get my car fixed each time it went in. My first experience with DFW Bimmer and Jesse - the car was ready for pick up the same day. The other times I've been there - less than 1.5 hours. His prices are less than the other shops I've used and he doesn't charge for every little thing. I can honestly say each time I have been there, another customer will tell me about something silly that a dealer was going to charge a few hundred dollars for that he fixed for free because it was quick and easy. It's hard to find a good BMW shop, but this one is the best I have been to by far.

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