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Auto Reviews in the Austin Area

  • KaylareviewedNewman's Automotive

    David Newman was a longtime family friend so I write this with sadness... read more David Newman was a longtime family friend so I write this with sadness. In October 2023 I was told by a Chevy dealership that i needed a transmission replacement . The auto strike was in full effect and the time without my car had already passed a month and now a completion date was unknown. At this time I saw Mr Newman and he convinced me to have my car towed to his shop with promises that I could trust him to have my back and count on much quicker repairs than Chevy. I had my car towed that very same day we spoke. As promised he was able to have a transmission installed and my car ready to pick up much quicker than Chevy but the dependability and trust ended there. Soon after I had my car I could tell it was not shifting correctly. I contacted Mr. Newman and he assured me that the car was good since he test drove it himself. I hoped that he was correct and maybe it needed some time operating iwth the new transmission before it was running smooth. This little issue made me uncomfortable enough to ask for a copy of the invoice for my repairs as well as a copy of the warranty for the part and labor so I made my first request with the service advisor and was sent the invoice on the transmission. The invoice reflected the transmission cost for Mr. Newman and when I compared it to the amount my warranty company paid out to him i was taken back at the difference. I fully expected to see a difference since the shop is due a profit but this large of a difference prompted me to call my warranty company who confirmed that they paid that much since he reported a remanufactured transmission was purchased and installed not a used one . I then contacted Mr Newman and requested a copy of my warranty once again and i was given a brochure that advertised a nationwide coverage for 36 month or 36,000 miles whichever came first. Mr. Newman had told me it was 100,000 miles and this made me call the company to confirm. When I did I spoke to an agent who informed me that they did not cover transmissions at all so Mr. Newman lied to me and when i have tried to discuss this with him he ignores me and will not return my calls. He has essentially left me with a used transmission that has questionable performance and absolutely no warranty. Now that I have become a victim to his shady business practices and he has commited insurance fraud to make a quick profit off me I refuse to ever take my car back here and want to warn all other potentional victims . Beware of this business !! He does not genuinely care for his loyal unsuspecting customers like he states. Your money becoming his is the only goal and how he will do that is his only concern.

  • CarolinereviewedNewman's Automotive

    Newmans technicians provided timely and comprehensive care of my Matri... read more Newmans technicians provided timely and comprehensive care of my Matrix. Thanks for helping me to keep it on the road!

  • Had multiple problems with my car, took it into the wrench and got the... read more Had multiple problems with my car, took it into the wrench and got them fixed with great customer service and discounts. John is very friendly and answered my questions quickly, even after hours. Wouldn't go anywhere else in the area. Eddie L.

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